VK5 SOTA Promotion

VK5’s LA, AKH, CYM,CZ attended Adelaide Hills Radio Club buy and sell last Sunday. We set up a display of several different styles of back packs full of radios and antennas for activating etc. 3 kx 3s looked pretty neat on the same table and several different antenna systems were on display. Lots of passers by stopped to chat and ask questions about SOTA. Andy vk5la printed out the SOTA promotion info from the site so we had plenty of give aways. A laptop showing SOTAwatch 2 and the google SOTA maps in fire fox was handy to show people the right places to find all the action. Lots of interest and questions asked about SOTA,with 3 hours of non stop chatter, so we hope some others will join in soon. 73 from the team in vk5 Andy vk5la, Andy vk5cym, Andy vk5akh and Ian vk5cz …

In reply to VK5CZ:
Great Ian, I really hope that your efforts will encourage more SOTA activity in VK5 and will in turn lead to the establishing of SOTA associations across the rest of VK land. I am aware that VK1 is close but we just need the local people responsible to tie up the outstanding loose ends. After that it appears that there is interest in other VK areas.
73 Jim G0CQK