VK3WAM/P on VK3/VS-016

Hi Wayne,

Many thanks for both QSO’s today on CW.

The weather was just too bad for a S2S attempt from GW/NW-067 Moel Y Gest in North Wales as originally planned, instead I set up a small tent on the nearest beach from my QTH in Wales and operated from there.

Initially I heard Rich N4EX calling for you on 14.062Mhz at around 05:40 UTC, but you weren’t readable at my QTH. Gradually your signal increased and at 06:12UTC I could clearly hear you with an RST 339 for the first qso. At 06:37 you were RST 559 so I gave you another call. That was good fun.

My equipment :- FT857D at 10W. Antenna : 1/4 wave vertical with 4 elevated radials.

Location : Dinas Dinlle beach IO73UB, North West Wales.



In reply to G0PEB:
I gathered that improving conditions is why you called back. Still QSB, hence why I gave a r4 rather than r5. Still it means that on certain days, my QRP signal will still make it well into G and GW. Perhaps it might even make it to GM for Andy.

Seems like I missed G4SSH by 20 or so minutes. I would presume that 559 should be good for northern G. The flip side is operating on the beach: if you were using a vertical, you had a real good ground plane.

I posted a blog entry about the activation at:

73 de Wayne VK3WAM