vk3 :-)

Morning peoples.
20m is well open this morning.

Hearing a lot of VK3’s on this morning.

Couple chatting to mike 2E0YYY and caught one chatting to S52CU/P on the old 20m.

But best one heard was one VK3 working UK via LP and also chatting to an American also on 20m, could hear them both quite well.


Dang!! My HF loop is currently having a rest on the ground at the moment after a support let go. It will be easy to get it back up but will wait till the worst of the weather is gone. Bit of wind and rain here in Sydney the last few days. Actually quite a bit…

Sydney, Australia

Seems to dropped off now 08:20hrs utc.

But can hear a VK sota on 14320 very very weak here in SW UK barely audio able :frowning:


Update 08:40hrs utc seems more via SP now