VK3/VE activations starting today.

Commencing today, with Allen VK3ARH & David VK3IL, I hope to activate a number of VK3/VE summits of which alerts are posted. Many are rare summits.
Times are very approximate. Progress on Saturday for VK3/VE-045 & 46 can be monitored via aprs vk3cat-13 as should be Monday for VK3/VE-075
Working CW and also phone. Please try to work us all if it seems contacts are lack lustre so we can all qualify these summits.
There is a faint possibility of VK3/VE-196 prior to the alert time of VK3/VE-013 today.
Also VK3/VE-013 may end up being VK3/VE-047 instead.
Will sporadically monitor DMR TG505 if VK3RZU is operational.