VK3/VE-006 Mt Hotham QSO Party 20 Feb 16

Hi all

VK is planning to have 15 or so SOTA activators on the summit of Mt Hotham (10 points) Saturday evening from 0700 UTC through to sunset at 0910 UTC.

We are keen to work chasers worldwide, plus have the opportunity to work S2S with stations in ZL, Asia, Europe and the US. :wink:

I have posted an alert for 10m and 20m SSB, there will be other activators operating CW mode.

Looking forward to hearing chasers and activators from across the northern hemisphere. :smiley:

73, Andrew (VK1AD)

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The MTR and mini squid pole is packed so I technically have the ability to chase from SM, though the forecast weather is not that friendly for portable operations at 0 to 2 degrees & snow. I’ll be with others anyway so perhaps a bit restricted.

Hope you all have a good and productive time up there.

Andrew VK3JBL

Will need better propagation than today Andrew. Even 40 was hopeless here this afternoon and this evening. Definite AU flutter on Allen VK3ARH tonight.
Landcruiser now packed & ready to go. Expect a multitude of 8 to 10 point summits being on offer this weekend. Hoping to do Mt. Loch tomorrow, Tabletop, Hotham and one other on Saturday and maybe the Blue Rags and Freezeout on Sunday.
Cheers, Tony VK3CAT & Nan.

Good luck guys, last time myself and Lewis VK6FLEW tried activating at the same time from a summit we wiped each other even with 2.5 watts 20 made 40 unworkable.

Be interesting to see how you get on. I will hopefully be listening on 20.

Good luck

John VK6NU