VK2/SY-002 - Who would join me?

Hi OMs,

I would like to activate Mt. Riley VK2/SY-002 tomorrow, is there anyone who would like to join me?

Marek, OK1BIL

Hi Marek,
It’s probably best to post this on the SOTA_Australia Yahoogroup list if you haven’t already done so as you’ll have a bigger VK2 audience there. I’ll cross post this there for you in any case.

Have fun on VK2/SY-002.

73 Ed.

It is little bit short notice, I know… :slight_smile:

Well, it’s the weekend, so you could easily find someone - I’ve cross posted onto the AU list and asked anyone interested to reply here. As it’s nearly midnight with you I think, check here first thing tomorrow morning your time.

If you check Andrew VK1DA’s latest blog he covers Mt. Riley including a contact with you! He gives some guidance on how to get to the summit as well.


73 Ed.

Yes, I have read the article. I will probably give call to Compton VK2HRX in the morning as well, it is already little bit too late today. I am little bit worried about the ARRL DX SSB contest tomorrow afternoon, starting 1300 local time. But maybe it will not be that bad down under.

And thanks for reposting!

The contest shouldn’t be a problem on 40m or 30m, 20m “might” get some QRM from it, but then probably more late afternoon.

By the way, you know it is legal to run SSB on 30m in Australia - and this is a band that is not used for contests.

73 Ed.

Hi Marek,

I can come today (Sat 5th March) around lunch time.



Hi Marek,
Looks like you will have a dual activation with Compton. I found that summit to be very pleasant, a longer walk than Mt Alexandra, but no sudden drop half way back in my case! :wink:
I will try to catch you on the air operating from home as VK2UH.
thanks for the email re the correction to my blog entry, fixed it this morning.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Pictures from today’s activation:

More at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10208432183099508.1073741852.1154243928&type=1&l=e415c6de33
(Facebook is not needed to open this link)

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