VK2/HU-007, Lost for 10 Days

This is a SOTA summit.
10 days is a long time to survive and 4 days a long time for a search to commence.

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Indeed, they are lucky to have got out of that situation so easily.

It seems that despite all the publicity about planning, taking food and water, using maps etc, there are still members of the public who don’t notice or give any credence to any of that and think wandering through the bush for a few hundred metres or more cannot possibly go wrong or have any associated risks.

Many people who are used to having consistent and reliable phone coverage do not realise that there are areas within a few km of highways that have zero coverage and their phones are then just a music player.

Andrew VK1DA/2UH

Aye. It is very easy to get disorientated in bush. There’s no substitute for a good map, a compass, and the skill to use them. They were extremely lucky to get out of that relatively un-scathed…