VK1 Winter SOTA QSO Party

Hi to all from downunder VK,

Sunday 7 Aug 16, VK1 SOTA activators are planning to freeze their butts off for the annual winter SOTA QSO Party, now in its fourth year.

All VK and ZL activators are welcome to join in on a 2 hour session (1 hour each side of UTC day change) of hilarious S2S chaos on HF and VHF bands.

To join in select a summit and post an alert. Good luck and play safe, thermals may be an option.

73, Andrew VK1AD


Already going to Mt Nangar on the 7th although there is a 3km steepish walk involved. A number of roads have been closed due to recent wet weather. Was intending to start much later so looks like I will have to start much earlier so as to be at Nangar and set up in time.
Should be able to do it I think. With the way 40M has been lately (dreadful) will make 80M the priority for local statewide.
Would like to play with 2M but am pretty certain I will be hopelessly out of range for anywhere.

Still there should be plenty of S2S opportunities on H.F.

Hope to hear from everyone and lets hope the weather holds.

Cheers, Nick

Hi Nick,

I will have 80m with me at Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040. I’m hoping a few local club members will come and visit, if I can I will get them all to make a few SOTA contacts.

The weather will be the main variable - but unless it is really awful I expect to be there. will have a tent in the event of truly wet weather, otherwise just the sun shelter which works as a wind and rain shelter in winter. Just have to hope the wind doesn’t turn around mid activation…

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Fine Andrew, a few more participants would be great. More contacts. Emphasis on 80M and hopeing the weather holds out.
Might even see if the KX3 will tune the 80M dipole section on 160M ??? Probably some losses in the coupler but it may be worth a try.
Perhaps your aerial system would work on 160M ??
A bout of rain Wednesday and it looks a bit iffy for Sat/Sun next.

Will take a brolly. :slight_smile:

73, Nick

Will venture to Mt. Mitchell VK3/VN-012.
80m thru to 6 m cw & ssb are available plus 146.500.
May pick up a second summit later in the afternoon.

Hi Nick and Andrew (1DA)

Sunday morning weather forecast for the south, south-east and eastern states is looking good. The good news is the BOM is forecasting light winds across the south-east. Light winds = hoist the 80m dipole :wink:

Best option is be optimistic, all will be fine :slight_smile:

73, Andrew VK1AD

Thanks Tony,

Good to see VK3 getting on-board with yourself and Allen VK3ARH posting alerts. Good luck and stay warm.

73, Andrew VK1AD

I’m intending to join in the fun and activate ZL1/WK-147 Klondyke. We have had real lousy weather here lately, lots of wind and rain but the forecasts for Sunday are promising so fingers Xed.

73 John ZL1BYZ.

A last look at the weather charts and things are favourable with no rain predicted. Probably a frost or two which will make for a chilly Sunday morning as will be camping out.

With a bit of luck the propagation gods will smile upon us.

73’s, Nick

Hope I can make it to ne-028 in time to join in I have a big drive and walk on the day.
It will be full puff and ankle burn on the way up.
cu tn
Ian vk5cz …

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Hi all

For anyone interested in chasing a lesser-known VK summit in Australia’s Red Centre, the heart of Australia’s outback Alice Springs, look out for SOTA spots from Greg VK8GM on Mount Johns VK8/AL-153.

Interest in this year’s activity has stepped up a level with the inclusion of activators in VK2, VK3, VK5, VK7, VK8 and ZL (New Zealand). With a little more than a day to go, planned participation in this year’s event has exceeded all expectations. 27 activators (growing by the hour!) will compete with SOTA chasers across VK and ZL to secure highly sort-after Summit to Summit (S2S) points pre and post UTC day change.

73, Andrew VK1AD

Great stuff Andrew I have not heard Greg for a long time out on SOTA.
I published results for FYBO down under Thursday on my Wordpress.
cu on the day i hope.
Ian vk5cz …

Hi Andrew,

It’s a shame the conditions between VK and EU are so poor. Good to see Greg out on the hills, it has been a while since we last worked. The opportunity to work an s2s with VK8 Northern Territories or a VK8 Chaser from Europe is pretty rare…,

Have fun
73 Mike

Picked a site that whilst a couple of hours away, has easy access and lots of operating positions.
Don’t want to be late as per normal ! Tony is creeping ahead on the S2S table keen on all the contacts possible.

Great to see the ZL stations coming.
Off to cut a 80m antenna …


We currently have planned, 30 activators on 27 summits across VK and ZL. Will VK4 join the party?

73, Andrew VK1AD

Okay okay… better make it 31 activators on 28 summits…:grinning::grinning:

Will try VK4/SE-097 about 2300 start.
Good for 40, 30 and 20m. Don’t think I’d do any good on 80 from here.

Catch you tomorrow,
Dave VK4DD

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Thanks Andrew and all the other activators out on summits . Pity our local stations were mostly un workable but it was amazing how many S2S occurred today with good readable signal. I made a SOTA first today working Paul on 3.6 mhz ssb during the day with my 40m dipole it was a path of 200 km. I was amazed he heard me, poor old kx3 had such a bad miss match the swr meter was registering higher than the power output. Desperate times call for desperate measures I guess. So from that experience i think i will develop a more “efficient” 80m antenna which might come in handy. Sorry i could not work some of my faithful chasers the bands were just not in the right mood.
Regards everyone
CZ ee