VK1 SOTA Party - Sunday 2 Aug 15

Hi SOTA fans

The VK1 winter SOTA Party will be held on Sunday from 9 am local (23:00 UTC) .
6 & 10m will be a major focus for chasers and S2S contacts.
Activators are keen to work US chasers on 10m.

Please lookout for VK spots from 2300 UTC 1 Aug 15.


73, Andrew VK1NAM

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I’m guessing the guys will be meeting up at a local restaurant in the afternoon as usual? So no late afternoon / early evening activations right? No LP to Europe? Pretty hard at the moment with band conditions in any case, but glad to bag a call from Paul 5PAS yesterday when I was on DL/AL-170, so it’s still possible.

73 Ed.

Hi Ed,

The weather forecast is looking a little iffy for Sunday afternoon. If the weather clears, I may head up to Mt Ainslie AC-040. Stay tuned… :wink: