VK1 SOTA Party - 27 July 2014

Hi all

VK1 is planning a mass simultaneous activation of VK1 summits on Sunday 27 July 2014, starting around 2300 UTC 26 July 2014.

The planned activations can be found at the following blog address:

Please keep an eye on SOTAWatch for activator, time and frequency details.


Andrew, VK1NAM

In reply to VK1NAM:

The VK1 SOTA Party planned for Sunday 27 July 2014 (2300 UTC 26 July 2014) is attracting attention from VK associations on the east coast of Australia.

We now have activators participating from VK1, VK2, VK3 and VK4 activators with 13 summits covered and the likelihood of more summits as more activators come on board.

Details of known activations are at:

SOTA blog http://vk1nam.wordpress.com/

Keep an eye on SOTAWatch for details.


Andrew, VK1NAM

In reply to VK1NAM:
Sorry Andrew can not make it out Sunday but will be a double activation Saturday from a first time activated summit . Watch for our Spots VK5NHG Hugh and I VK5CZ.
best of luck for Sunday everyone probably do some chasing when I get a chance.
73 de Ian …

If someone is going to stay longer on the summits, till… lets say sunday 27 0600 UTC, I would activate some EA2/BI summit to make S2Ss, might it be?
73 de Mikel

Thats super.

Mass events are great fun.

GL you all.

In reply to VK1NAM:
Good Morning Andrew,

I am sorry Ian, VK5CZ, is busy on Sunday. However, I will activate VK5/SE-005, Mount Lofty. It should be a lot of fun. The weather is improving and I hope I can give those in VK2, VK2, VK3 and even VK4 and VK6 a chance to get Mount Lofty in their logs. I will be on 40m metres 7090 plus or minus and 14.140 all ssb. I will try and get on the air before the UTC rollover.

Best wishes for the mass activation tomorrow.

John D

In reply to VK1NAM:

Hello Andrew,

Good luck with the mass activation. I hope the IOTA contest 26-27 July does not engulf the event.


In reply to EA2CW:
Hi Mike, The core (VK1) activators meet for a meal in the afternoon (Australian time) after their activations, so they won’t still be on the summit at 0600 UTC (4pm VK1 time). I already suggested what you suggested. There will probably be plenty of VK chasers listening if you go out though 0600-0800 UTC is often good for long path contacts between EU and VK.
73 Ed DD5LP / VK2JI.

In reply to DD5LP:
Congrats to all who took part in this event, reading the reports on the SOTA Australia yahoo list this was an event to remember!

Thanks Andrew VK1NAM for organising it.

73 Ed.

In reply to DD5LP:
Hi Ed,

It certainly was one of those bench mark activity days and one I shall long remember. My leave pass was not open ended so 05:30 UTC was as long as I dared to stay. No DX spots on 20 m so I packed up, had a coffee and muffin and headed for home.

The weather was fairly benign for winter in the VK Alps at this time of year, fog, strong wind, 5 to 8 degrees on my hill. The higher peaks have significant snow meaning only one 10 point activator on a ski resort mountain.

I’d like to add my thanks to Andrew VK1NAM for organising this mid-winter SOTA Super Sunday.


Well, the pace was frenetic and the day great: 70 QSOs and 32 S2S contacts. My blog post on it is now available at:


In reply to VK1NAM:
Hi Andrew

It was great fun. I have now uploaded my log to LOTW and HRD.log and completed my blog: vk5bje.com

I reckon I almost became an honorary VK1! I was really pretty happy with my contacts from VK5/SE-005.

John, VK5BJE