VK1 SOTA Mountain Goat

This morning Andrew VK1DA activated South Black Range VK2/ST-006 on 2m simplex 146.500 FM to qualify for the SOTA Mountain Goat award.

Congratulations Andrew VK1DA on your Mountain Goat achievement.

73 Andrew VK1AD
VK1 Association Manager


Congratulations Andrew!

Well deserved.


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Congratulations Andrew for making Mountain Goat.
Keep up the good work
Ian vk5cz …

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Well done Andrew on making Goat.
Great to get you in the log today for a S2S


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Fantastic Andrew and congratulations, poor conditions for me today but still managed to work you on ST-006.

Cheers and hope to hear u again, Wal VK2WP

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Excellent work Andrew. Congratulations! Great to work you S2S this morning.
Peter VK3PF

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Congratulations Andrew on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Well done Andrew!
Glenn, VK3YY…

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Excellent Andrew, I didn’t get in your log today but you are in plenty of others.

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Hi Andrew, great achievement, well done. :grinning:Thanks for all the contacts in the past.

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Many congratulations Andrew, fellow member of the CABG Club. An excellent achievement indeed. Onwards and upwards! Looking forward to an S2S with you one day.

73 and all the best for the future,

Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK

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Well what a nice surprise to find these kind thoughts on the reflector when I got home. It took 2H30 to drive home from ST-001 including a stop for fast “food” and a cup of tea to help me drive the last 30 mins.

On the activation this morning at South Black Range VK2/ST-006 I think it was still around zero C at midday. However that did not deter Matt VK1MA who, after activating ST-001, drove over to where I was still operating and congratulated me and presented me with a Mountain Goat pale ale, which went down very nicely…

This was an extended activation and I made over 50 contacts. All good fun, which is what SOTA is…

Thanks everyone and special thanks to the core group in VK1, Andrew VK1AD, Matt VK1MA, Ian VK1DI and Al VK1RX, with more joining that group steadily every year.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH


Hi Andrew

Super Goat next? CW Goat?


Thanks Ron, your second idea is what I’m aiming for. I have not qualified on CW consistently which is shameful for anyone calling hinmself a CW operator. So for a while I will be aiming to focus on CW first, voice modes as a secondary theme.
Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Another “target” you might consider or just pick up on the way is 1000 summit points ignoring the winter bonus.

My Goatdom was achieved on 144/432MHz. I am now wondering where I stand in respect of summits qualified on CW. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK

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Well done Andrew, sorry I missed your milestone event.

Awesome job.


John VK6NU

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Congratulations Andrew on making MG.


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Congrats Andrew! Welcome to the herd!
Mike NS1TA

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Congratulations Andrew! I look forward to working you some day!
Keith KR7RK

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Congratulations, Andrew! Hope to hear/work you some day!

Paul K9PM

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