VK1 SOTA DX Part 2

Hi all

I’m planning to activate One Tree Hill VK1/AC-035 on Tuesday from 0730 to 0830 UTC. I will operate on 17 and 20m SSB.

Anyone in EU, ZL or JA interested in a chance to work S2S?

Oops corrected start time to 0730 UTC.

73 Andrew VK1AD

Changed the date to Wednesday 13/12/17.

Andrew VK1AD

This afternoon and early evening I activated Mt Coree, 1421m ASL and attempted contacts on 40, 6, 10 and 20m in that order.

Dx worked: on 40m: ZL1BYZ (CW).
10m: Vk8NSB, H44DA (ssb)
20m: VK6DW. ZL3CC, JH2SIF (CW)
6m: heard a brief snippet of a ZL beacon on 045 I think. Grid square was a ZL location. Sporadic E conditions afoot and were likely the cause of the deep qsb on 40m.
About half way through the activation I spotted myself on 2m FM and called cq to give locals the contact. 2 contacts only.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Conditions were up this morning. DXplorer showed up some LP spots on 20m.

Wow grass on the summit. Recent heavy rainfalls have added colour to the bald granite peak.

Andrew VK1AD

Yes, grass and lots of small hungry ants. I spent the first hour hopping around, spraying insect repellent on my shoes and legs. They loved it and came back for more of the repellent and my sweat. For some reason they lost interest after an hour.

I too will be out tonight (0700z 13/12) accompanying VK1DA on his summit.

I am keen to try 15m to work any DX station as well as have a spin on 40m.

For local chasers I will do some 2m / 70cm calls.

Look forward to trying to add any country to my very small list of DX worked (ZL and JA- would never knock them back either).



This evening I activate Mt Majura VK1/AC-034 on 2, 17, 20 and 40m SSB. My aim was to work Europe Dx on 20m however that wish turned out to be pie in the sky. :smile: All was not lost, DX contacts included: JH1MXV (17m), ZL2AJ (17m), ZL1SKL (17m), ZL2ATH (40m), ZL3CC (40m). You can see the theme.

17m Sporadic E was the feature of the evening working Tony VK3CAT on 18.140 SSB at a distance of 500 km for a steady 5-9 signal over 15 minutes, a good old rag chew. :slight_smile: Mat VK1MA popped up on 17m for a local contact.

Some of the VK1 SOTA gang had responded to a call for local S2S action on nearby summits. S2S contacts included Wade VK1FWBD, Bill VK1FWBK, Andrew VK1DA and Rob VK2QR. Chris VK1CT was activating a VKFF nature reserve so he joined in on the portable QSO party.

20m was open for chasers at 1000 km including VK5YX and VK7DW. I received a ‘WhatsApp’ message from Herbert OE9HRV saying ‘nothing in OE9’ and a picture of his SDR 20m waterfall 14.310 MHz.

Surprisingly, and I do mean ‘surprise’, there was plenty of action of 40m working VK2, VK3 and VK5. Chasers on 40m were: VK2IO, VK2HRX, VK3OHM, VK3PF, VK4SMA, VK2HHA, VK3GGG, VK4FARR, VK2JDL and VK4ABH.

Here are four photos from the summit. The 3 km walk back to my car was a little tricky at last light. :wink:

Inverted V linked dipole for 17/20/30/40m

Mt Majura Trig Station

VK1AD SOTA shack. Tablet is a 7 inch Lenovo (android) running VK Porta-Log by Peter VK3ZPF.

Sun setting in the west over the Brindabella Ranges

Cheers Andrew VK1AD

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Thanks for the contacts and organising tonight - video up shortly.

After signing off on 70cm with you I managed to russle up some more on 2m via the repeater!

Happy to get the ZLs and JA on video this time !!

Thanks to all th chasers. And a shout out to Chris VK1CT in the Park.