VK1 on 23 and 13cm

Hi all

Earlier today starting at 22:00 UTC (8 am local) VK1 SOTA activators fired up on 2m, 23cm and 13cm for a coordinated QRP 2m, 23cm and 13cm S2S QSO party.

Activators included (distance from Mt Cowangerong):
Al VK1RX/P at Mt Stromlo VK1/AC-043 59 km;
Andrew VK1DA/2 at Mt Mundoonen VK2/ST-053 101 km;
Bill VK1MCW/P at Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040 54 km;
Tony VK1VIC/P at Mt Foxlow VK2/ST-010 17 km;
Wade VK1MIC/P & myself Andrew VK1AD/P at Mt Cowangerong VK2/ST-001

2m and 23cm yagi. Canberra is 60 km north west well over the horizon.

Combined SG-Lab 23cm transverter / 25 watt RF amplifier

RF Path profile - Mt Cowangerong to Mt Mundoonen

RF Path profile - Mt Cowangerong to Mt Stromlo

With action on 23 and 13 cm completed at 23:30 UTC (9:30 am local) Wade spent some time with his FT817ND and a ZS6BKW antenna working VK and ZL chasers on 80, 40, 20 and 10m. Wade experienced his first 10m pileup, wait for it, working six (6) VK1/VK2 chasers on 28.490 MHz SSB. Yes, I have experienced a northern hemisphere pileup, I do know the difference. :slight_smile:

Antennas: (left) 2m flower pot (right) ZS6BKW 9m above ground level

73 Andrew VK1AD


VK1 welcomes Andrew VK1DA back to 13cm with a sucesful 23cm and 13cm activation of South Black Range today.

73 Andrew VK1AD


This evening I will activate One Tree Hill VK1/AC-035 on 2m, 23 and 13cm. Alert posted.

73, Andrew VK1AD

One Tree Hill is located on north-west ACT/NSW boundary. The walk to the summit is 5 km, a 10 km return trip along a public trail known as the ACT Centennial Tail.

At the summit is an observation platform with large bench seats perfect for a SHF activation. The vertical drop off is very steep, perfect for over the horizon VHF/UHF and SHF communications.

I qualified on three bands: 2m, 23cm and 13cm using simple lightweight antennas. Jim VK1AT/p was operating on 2m and 13cm from Tuggeranong Hill VK1/AC-038. The 35 km S2S contact was a certainty. :slight_smile:

The 2m antenna is a rectangular loop with a 50 ohm feedpoint, that’s right no 1/4 wave impedance transformer. See link below.

Start point in the township of Hall

One Tree Hill summit is the furthest hill north in the picture. The trail is known for Brown snakes and is popular with bike riders.

Aussie eucalypt forest.

At the summit, fire watch tower

Summit lookout, temp is 30 degrees C

23cm and 13cm transverters. The aluminium case sitting on the FT-817 is a homebrew 2m/70cm duplexer.

2m loop

I finished at sunset 08:30 UTC, the return 5 km walk was in the dark!

2m Rectangular Antenna

73, Andrew VK1AD