VK1 Andrews & Joint Activations

Tomorrow VK time, a pair of Andrews, VK1DA and VK1AD will activate Webbs Ridge VK2/ST-005 and later in the afternoon Mt Coree VK1/AC-023.

Note the callsigns, Andrew VK1DA and Andrew VK1AD, one of which is a proficient CW operator. Do you think chasers get a little confused? :thinking:

I’m thinking of a local 'Worked all ‘VK1 Andrews’ SOTA Certificate and a bonus certificate if you get all VK1 Andrews on one summit over time or possibly during an all VK1 Andrews multi activation. The latter will take a little organising.:wink:

Yes it’s good fun!

73, Andrew VK1AD

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I’d award bonus points for people attributing the QSOs to the correct Andrew when multiple Andrews are QRV at the same time whether on the same hill or not. :slight_smile:


We did work Andrew VK1MBE during our first activation. But in an unplanned twist, we both made s2s contacts with a new SOTA operator, vk1flex, whose name is of course, Drew.

Drew visited me while I was activating Mt Ainslie, VK1/AC-040 about 6 weeks ago (I think). He asked about the process for becoming licenced. In the time since then he contacted the club examiner, passed the exam, got a licence and callsign, bought a new IC705 and in the last week has activated 4 summits. Pretty good pace…


Pictures from Webbs Ridge VK2/ST-005 and Mt Coree VK1/AC-023

Webbs Ridge 1306 metres ASL

Mount Coree 1421 metres ASL

Warning!! - Cliff edge to the left

Condensation on a homebrew 2m regtangular loop

73, Andrew VK1AD