VK1/AC-038 - Tuggernong Hill - HUGE DAY - 44 contacts 9 S2S

What a day!!!

Far from being a joke, 1 April went down pretty awesome on Tuggerong Hill AC-038.

1 - 2 April is also AM weekend, I had never made a contact on AM.

A number of chasers didn’t see the note on the AM mode to being able to pick when a chaser is on SSB was also a new skill.

NB I have only had my license for 7-8 weeks. I have managed now 7 summits, albiet 1 pointers.

After a solid 4 hours working the band I managed a phenomenal 44 contacts and 9 or more contacts S2S.


For those that are interested, I will do a video also of what I carry for each activation. As a beginner, I wish I found more of these.

Here it is:

My bag weighed 11kgs incl 3lts of water.



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Hi Wade,

I was pleased to be able to get you in the log on AM. Much harder than on SSB. 7 summits in 7 weeks - another 35 or so for the year would be nice! Good luck.


Thanks Ron,

Was first-day trialling electronic logging in the field.
I think I freaked a few out when I came back with their name even if we had not worked previously.