VK1 10m challenge activity - short notice activation of Mt Ginini VK1/AC-008

Hi all, I am heading to Mt Ginini (VK1/AC-008) this afternoon my time with the intent to focus on 10m/20m and depending on conditions, some 6m as well.

I am taking an Antron 99 (hey Mike, you are not the only one with an Antron 99) for 10m (and maybe a second half wave vertical as a backup), probably a 3 element yagi for 6m and of course the usual 40m OCF for the other HF bands. Will also have a stack of batteries for prolonged operations - fortunately this is a drive on summit, so I can take a little more gear than I would normally consider!

I am planning on starting at around 0600Z (12 Dec 15) and staying overnight, probably leaving early Zulu hours of 13 Dec 15. This should give me some good windows of opportunity for EU and W land on multiple bands and paths. I will be running around 100W, so with reasonable antennas and a reasonable station at the other end, I should be workable for a lot of people - propagation gods willing of course.

I will have internet connectivity fro Ginini, although it has been patchy in the past - might be better this trip due an external antenna on an internet dongle, but not sure how well that will stand up to a prolonged activation.

The weather forecast is looking pretty good, but if storms, high winds or potential fire risks increase, then I may be forced to terminate the activation - if so, I will ammend the alert accordingly. Hope to work as many as I can!


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If the 10m band plays ball, working with an A-99, you have one of the best DX antennas, Matt…
Have fun…

GL Mike

ARRL 10 meter contest, got to be stations on 10 metres.


Hi Mike, yep, and also have the radials that they reckon add to the gain again (well so they reckon - I am cynical about that claim). Looked at the 10 long boom 5 element beam sitting in the backyard and decided it was more of a PITA than it is worth taking it up there (I still need to finish off the new DE and tune it up) - maybe next year’s ARRL contest couls see that (and getting more batteries to run some more power).

John, yes, I hope that condition dependent, the contest may give me some more uniques for the challenge, but I am not entering the contest as I anticipate self spotting - SOTA is the prime goal on this activation. Last year it was pretty dismal in VK for the 10m contest and it is marginal conditions wise now, so not expecting huge things.

Leaving in a couple of minutes, so may not quite make my 0600Z start time, but will see how we go.