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VK ZL JA - EU UK S2S 6 April 2019


Work split!


To enhance my possibilities working lang haul DX I’m thinking of using a better antenna then my EFHW. A Delta-loop on 30 meter or why not trying a vertical dipole. Do you also prefer antenna with better low angle radiation or do you go with same ole stuff as usual when out ?



I will join this party and just posted an alert. I manage to do 7, 10, 14 Mhz with 3 single band EFHW. Hope we have a good weather and propagation. Cheers, Huawei.


I have done a portable QRV with a vertical home-brew Moxon 20 meters band antenna. It worked very good. It has a directional gain similar to 2-el yagi. Since it’s a wire antenna, it might be able to use for SOTA activation. But it requires two 10 meters telescopic pole and the directional gain limits to the poles’ setup position (fixed).


FB Huawei @BX2AI

Maybe we can try for S2S on 30m FT8?


Hi Jaan,
I am currently testing my 40m VP2E. This is a low angle, vertically polarised two element antenna that looks like an 80m Off centre fed dipole!

Details here: https://vk2ji.com/equipment/antennas/hb9sl-vp2e-wire-directional-antenna/

73 Ed.


Yes I will do FT8. Looking forward to it. :slight_smile:


Hi all

A little under one week to go. Wx forecast for VK1 looks promising.

Good luck to all activators and chasers. Activators, I trust you will have a safe activation and take care during your ascent and descent.

73 Andrew VK1AD


Mark ZL3AB and I will be QRV from Mt Pleasant ZL3/CB-822. It’s our only drive-up summit and as it will be dark at the end of the party, realistically our only option. We’ll have an FT-450D (20-50W) and CrankIr on 40/30/20 CW. Looking forward to some good DX.
73 Geoff ZL3GA


If anyone in VK is able to stay out after the S2S event, it may be of interest that the QRP Hours contest on 80 metres is now scheduled for April 6th.

Details here: http://vkqrpclub.org/pdf_files/QRP%20Hours%20Contest%202019%20Rules.pdf

73 Ed.


Current list of alerts for Saturday’s event - impressive !!

JP3DGT/3 on JA/OS-018
VK1MCW/2 on vk2/st-044
VK1MIC on VK1/AC-048
VK2ARJ on VK2/HU-093
VK1VIC/P on VK2/ST-001
VK1DA on VK2/ST-036
OE5FDM/P on OE/SB-295
G8CXK/P on G/WB-002
VK1AD/P on VK1/AC-008
OE9HRV/P on OE/VB-465
DL4FO/P on DM/HE-017
JI3BAP/3 on JA/HG-052
JJ1PDQ/5 on JA5/KA-025
2E0YYY/P on G/SP-004
M0HZH/P on G/CE-005
M1EYP/P on G/SP-015
LZ1GJ/P on LZ/RO-144
ZL2ATH on ZL1/WL-138
VK1CT on VK1/AC-043
DL6GCA/P on DM/BW-019
VK2IO/P on VK2/HU-093
DL1CR/P on DM/HE-066
OE5AUL/P on OE/OO-330
BX2AI/P on BV/NT-013
G6PJZ/P on G/TW-002
ZL2AJ on ZL1/HB-135
JG1BOK/1 on JA/GM-026
VK1DA on VK2/ST-036
DL3SBA/P on DM/NW-223
CT1DBS/P on CT/ES-007
CT7ABE/P on CT/ES-007
CS7AFI/P on CT/ES-007
DD5LP/P on DL/AL-179


Gosh what’s happening? No rain, light winds! Very un-S2S event like :hugs:


Indeed - looks very good at “my summit” until now… a little windy but … no rain



Similar down here in Southern Bavaria - cold but dry on Saturday (or so they say…).


Looking forward to this. Weather looks OK in terms of lack of wind and rain, but I think it will be cold.

I’ll probably start on 30m, and move up to 20m about 0730z.


and so we delve into the mysteries of propagation predictions. 20m SSB seems the most likely (?). 40m SSB seems to be unlikely.

This is the point where those of you with better understanding than I correct me :grinning: (please)


Hi Andy,
The way it has been over the last few weeks is exactly the opposite - 40m is more likely to make the inter-continental contacts than 20m.

CW on 30m could beat both 20 & 40m of course.

The 3000 km MUF has been slow to get up to and stay above 14MHz over the last few days. It is not unusual that the long path window has almost closed just as the MUF reaches 14MHz, making the window very short indeed.

I’m heading out on Thursday morning, to the same summit I intend to go to on Saturday with the same gear and antenna so hopefully I’ll know more after that.

I wish everyone good luck for Saturday but for those of us on SSB, I think it’s going to be hard work. S2S within our region and intercontinental chasers from their home QTHs may be possible but summit to summit between UK/EU and VK/ZL/JA on SSB is going to be a big achievement from both ends.




Thanks Ed, I look forward to hearing how you get on on Thursday. So possibly start on 40, then migrate to 20m later on? I might even delve into the delights of cw on 30 (but that is a frightening prospect - for me as well as you all!).


Some additional participants for Saturday!

JK1VUZ/5 on JA5/KA-008
JP3PPL/3 on JA/HG-013
VK2GPL on VK2/CT-056
VK2IB/3 on VK3/VE-007
VK5CZ on VK5/SE-010
G6GGP/P on G/WB-002
OE5JFE/P on OE/OO-075
OE5YYN/P on OE/OO-330
DK4RW/P on DM/HE-570
M5OTA/P on G/CE-003
VK3IL on VK3/VE-036
VK2WP on VK2/CT-007
VK6NU/P on VK6/SW-039

I like Ian VK5CZ’s comment on his alert “try to slot among the bedlam” - lets hope he’s right!


I decided I would make it more of a challenge. Foolishly I’m loosing height ASL and gaining a much more interesting journey out to Mount Solitary VK2/CT-056 for the same points!

Anyway, I anticipate plenty of time to get out to the summit and then string up antennas and make camp. I’ll be on-air as long as the battery lasts!