VK/ZL <> EU S2S - 11 March 2017

One of two things going to happen for em that Saturday.
Get butt up Kitt hill
get me T20M moxon beam temp up on 20m for the morning when sort out the elements on it
if get time this week


I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get out for this one with things going on at home. And the forecast doesn’t look too brilliant at the moment. If I can rearrange things then maybe there’s a chance.

this ones totally sprung me by surprise. I only found out about it at my radio club night last week, not sure how I missed this thread. I also found out my go to hill for this(Cringle moor TW-002) is already taken for this event as well. If I can get a swift activation planned I’ll be on Urra moor(G/TW001) for this event. I didn’t do the last EU-VK S2S party and life got in the way to delay me by 3 hours for the eu-NA party so missed out on 99% of that fun once on the hill too. Better luck this time I hope.

Your welcome Tom.
As for weather on my Alerted Summit - Bussen DM/BW-484 - I’m going to go open minded as the weather forecasts here in Germany are totally unreliable. oday by the way, it’s alternating here between snow storms and sunshine! Crazy weather.

Will plan for 20 metres using the Aerial-51 OCF but also take my 17m 1/2 wave J-Pole in the car.


That’s poor etiquette Tom. I would never try to operate on a summit that had already been alerted. There will always be interference. Unless of course you’re going for another reason.

Unfortunately I will not be on for this event, not even in the shack. It is the XYL’s birthday weekend and to do any radio would most likely have serious consequences for future activations. I will be with you all in spirit and hope that a bucket load of contacts are made between the hemispheres.

73, Gerald G4OIG

On Shining Tor, if Mike YYY is QRV on 20m ssb from the bench at the summit, I would go to the next field along and operate on 15m CW. Done it before, no QRM.

As for etiquette, how about an explanation as to why my son Jimmy M0HGY and I are both blocked and banned from your unofficial SOTA Facebook group? We have asked often enough.

Sorry Anthony :wink: Happy to meet you for a coffee in Stokesley afterwards if that helps! I might have a friend with me so 002 might be busy - he’s interested in QRP CW and wanted to see what SOTA was like.
Forecast seems to be improving - fingers crossed

OK, I’ll do my best to be out on g/wb-004 again, subject to wx etc.
Just need the time to fix the linked dipole, untangle the linked GP antenna and cable up the new lifepo4 battery!
If there are any chasers about who’d like a go at activating, feel free to come along too, hopefully it’ll be a lot of fun, thanks to those who’ve arranged it again.


I don’t see what point you are making. If you want a free expression Facebook page why don’t you make yours one? Then there would be no need for an alternative one. As for operating etiquette, I stand by my statement. I don’t know about you and Mike but its quite clear to me that he does not wish to associate with you. That’s his choice and his right. Why don’t you respect that and leave him alone? To persist with unwanted approaches is wholly unreasonable and provocative.

That’s a sinister inference that you would be well advised to reconsider.

CQ is a general call inviting all stations receiving to reply of course, so I have no idea what you are on about.

Change of subject…

On a more positive note…participation from stations in EU is fantastic, thanks everyone.

I hope the representation from VK will increase. So far we have Paul VK5PAS and myself!

73 Andrew VK1AD

A sinister inference? That’s manifestly nonsense. Are you seriously suggesting someone calling CQ gives you some sort of entitlement to give them unwanted attention? I’ve explained the situation to you. Now please show some respect and stop the provocation. Thank you.

Rather than have a onging slanging match, which quite frankly folk downunder in VK couldn’t give two hoots about, why don’t you take your collective so-called local issues off line. You are spoiling this event for everyone else.

Can the moderator impose a ban on those folk who continue to provoke disharmony among this worldwide forum?

The last relevant post was the paticipation rate. Where are the VK activators, come on guys and gals join in.

Thank you

Andrew VK1AD

Andrew, as one of the organisers, where do you stand on the suggestion above, that a SOTA chaser answering a CQ SOTA call is “provocation”?

Guys, can we stick to the topic and leave the personalities out of it, there has already been too much “free expression” on this thread. Any more and I will close it down and invite Andrew to start it again.


WX permitting I will be on ZL1/WL-153 Crawford. My alert says 5W but there seems to be a bit of interest so I might have to bring along some extra grunt…

Hi Wynne,
even going to 20 or 30 watts from 5watts makes a BIG difference when conditions are marginal.

73 Ed.

I will try to activate a summit on Saturday at 0600 onwards, possibly Bowning Hill. I would be on CW and possibly SSB, always depending on conditions.

I have some potential issues to navigate at home with some illness in the family so it is somewhat uncertain at present what I will be able to achieve.

Will alert in any case and update the alert if I have to change the summit.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Bruce VK2EM dropped me the following direct e-mail, which may be of interest to those taking part in the VK-EU S2S event.

G’day Ed
_ _
I only do JT-65 from my unit here in Forster (stealth antennas, QRP, etc) and in the last few weeks I have noticed that there has been a migration to 40M, after our sunset. There have been some very big signals from Europe, and the Americas.
_ _
_ It might be worth, for your activations, checking 40M if you can, and alerting other SOTA people to do likewise._
_ _

So given that after the LP window closes with Sunset in Australia at I’m guessing around 0900-0930 UTC it might be a good idea to switch to Short Path on 40m to look for contacts into VK/ZL (chasers or any brave soul camping into the dark on a summit) from EU. There’s a good chance that several of us will switch to 40m for inter-Europe S2S contacts after the LP closes in any case.

Thanks for the heads-up Bruce.