VK to U.S. 14 March

Hi U.S. chasers

I plan to activate VK2/SC-049 on 14 March 14 at 2300Z. The summit is located on the east coast of Australia with an outlook to the south pacific ocean. Also planning to activate VK2/SC-050 and VK2/SC-051 which are closer to the coast line.

I would like to contact U.S. chasers, I can call on 10m or 20m.

Anyone interested?

Andrew, VK1NAM

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Good luck Andrew. Hopefully you will get some feedback from NA stations, with differing time zones, for best times to be heard. At the time you gave, here in the SE UK, the top part of 20M seems cluttered with loud USA nets.
Best wishes
Mike G6TUH

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Definitely interested Andrew. Best chance of success to the US east coast will be on cw. In the past week, both KK1W and I worked VK activators on 20M cw, but it was long path between 0900-1100Z.

73, Barry N1EU

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Best shot at that time of day Andrew will be the higher bands. I hear NA guys chatting on 10m till about 0100z. And heard a few 12m SOTAs. Then nuffin till on 20m before sunset.

Good luck.


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Based on what VK1MA said on Feb 28, ten meters could be very good to the USA West. Please start on that band. Can you try CW?

This morning at 0100, JT1E was a perfect 599 to me from Mongolia on 10 meters, and I got him first call with 5 watts to a mighty vertical.

Too bad you can’t do 12 meters, as that was where I heard VK1MA 12 days ago, although admittedly he was running some power.

Looking forward to this, as my number of VK Sota contacts is zero, zilch, zip, nada.

UPDATE: Starting around 1600z today, 12 meters yielded West Coast USA contacts between me and G6WRW on SSB, as well as CW contacts with OK1DVM, OK1DIG, OM4DW and HB9BCB. The latter was 589 or louder. Can’t recall this band being any better. Thanks to MMØFMF and the MT for planting the 12 meter seed.

Elliott, K6EL
Dazzled Dude

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As others have said, 10m will give you your best chance of success, especially on CW. If you can shift your activation time forward (later) by an hour or two that would help as well.

The other day I worked VK1MA (on VK1/AC-048) at 0221z on 10m SSB. His signal was still building at that time. I think Dan NA6MG worked him on both 10m and 12m SSB at around the same time. I’m just using a wire antenna up in the pine trees, people with yagis should have an easier go of it.


Eric KU6J

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Thanks all for the replies and the interest. Would be great to work a few NA stations. Last Sunday I made contact with a Honolulu station on 20m from VK2/AC-042.

Sorry folks CW is one mode I need to work on, last tried CW in 1992. Anyway moving on, I will do my best to start the activation one hour earlier. I will leave the time as 2300 UTC for now. If mobile phone reception is available near the summit I will post an update.

Andrew, VK1NAM

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Hello Andrew,

“…Sorry folks CW is one mode I need to work on, last tried CW in 1992. Anyway moving on, I will do my best …”

Same here.

Interesting thing is that activators and chasers who “only do” CW are suddenly able to speak on SSB when they want a summit or as an activator want a S2S. Makes me smile every time I hear it - twice today.

Oh well, I will listen out for you. Hopefully you will hear me, if not, SWL is fine 8)

Night night from here.
Mike G6TUH

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I have worked 5 VK3’s here in AZ on summits…all after 05:00 UTC…all on 20 meters…all in early May.

However, I think we have a shot at VK from here now thru may in Arizona.


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Hi all

Re: VK2/SC-049 Mogood Trig.

Thanks chasers from the USA, great to share one SOTA point and a new summit with you.
Stations in the log are:

Barry N1EU, Dan AE9F, Tom W7RV, Robert KB6IOV, Richard N4EX and Phil NS7P.

I did hear Elliot K6EL but didn’t get a signal report back.

Also worked Andrew VK1DA S2S and Adam VK2YK S2S.

In the middle of the activation, I received an email from Mike G6TUH who advised he is now a grandfather! Congratulations Mike and best wishes to your daughter and the new family member.

Thanks and best wishes

Andrew, VK1NAM

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Thanks Andrew and well done.
I promised I would listen out but thought I would let you know why I didn’t :wink:
Best wishes
Mike G6TUH

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Oh yes I agree, becoming grandfather :slight_smile: is far more important than radio, any day of the week…

I can see the picture, Mike in the shack with baby on your lap working VK.



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Thanks Andrew! I think VK - NE USA is always going to be a real SOTA challenge. Either short path in your morning or long path in your evening will require good conditions, good timing, and good ears.

And congrats to Mike!

73, Barry N1EU