VK to Europe S2S

Hi all

My best mate Harry (the dog) accompanied me for the walk and summit activation of Mt Stromlo. Sunset was 07:56 UTC.

Another successful activation from VK1 to work European activators chasing summit to summit points. Good signals to VK1 from 06:20 UTC to 07:30 UTC. Weather conditions on Mt Stromlo, strong cold westerly wind gusting 35 km/h. Putting aside the cold wind, I enjoyed working regular well known and new SOTA activators.

After setting up the link dipole and firing up the 857D operating at 40 watts output, Mike 2E0YYY was my first contact on 20m, Mike was on his favourite summit G/SP-004 Shining Tor. I have chased Shining Tor 8 times. Next contact and a 2nd summit to summit was Allan GW4VPX on GW/MW-034, thanks Allan for a unique GW summit. 3rd contact and again another S2S was Barry M0IML on G/SE-013 Detling Hill another unique summit for me. Thanks Barry that’s two S2S in six days.

Later at 07:30 UTC I was listening to Erwin OE5PEN on OE/OO-325. I called S2S, it was a struggle at first, I persisted with the chase to eventually make the S2S. Thanks Erwin for a unique Austrian summit. The fun didn’t end with EU contacts, local VK S2S contacts were with Andrew VK1MBE on Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040 and Paul VK5PAS and John VK5BJE both on Mt Lofty VK5/SE-005.

Thanks all European and VK chasers.

Andrew, VK1NAM

Hi Andrew
Thanks also for the s2s today it was great to work you again.
Not so many VK’s in the log today - but, 3 VK s2s VK1MBE , VK5PAS also in the log.

Thanks Guys

Hi Andrew

Thanks for the s2s today.

Also thanks to the other Andrew VK1MBE for the other s2s - I never quite managed the third with Paul VK5PAS - deep QSB. Other s2s were with Martin OE5REO/p and Erwin OE5PEN/p not forgetting Mike YYY and Barry IML.

It was also great to get VK2HOT, VK3AFW, VK3CAT and VK1MA in the log along with numerous EU and G stations. A really enjoyable early morning activation.

Thanks everyone

73 de

Allan GW4VPX

Thanks for the call this morning, Andrew! Good signal from the ACT by both you and Andrew VK1MBE. Thanks to Paul VK5PAS who was crusin’ in. Huge signal from John VK7XX in Tasmania, who asked for my summit reference…FB.

Eleven VK’s worked 3 of them s2s. Thanks for being there VK.

Many thanks to the EU chasers and the EU s2s in the shape of Allan GW4VPX, Martin OE5REO, and Irwin OE5PEN.

73 Mike

Great afternoon Gents,
Bad weather was near but just kept clear, didn’t have to put plan B into place. Found a spot out of the wind that had a good for long path outlook and suitable trees for the dipole arms. Funny, just after setup I had four DX S2S in the log (Mike, Martin, Barry and Allan)… mission accomplished…ah now what do we do? Fill up two and bit pages in the log that’s what.
Great to work S2S with Erwin, Stephan and local vk5’s Paul and John.

Many thanks to all for the great sota. Maybe midweek S2S should become a fixture.

Yours in addiction
Andrew VK1MBE

Hi all,

unfortunately missed VK1NAM/P this morning, but I managed S2S-QSO’s with VK1MBE/P and VK5PAS/P. Other VK stations worked were VK3AFW, VK3CAT, VK1MA and VK3EK.

Thanks also to the European S2S with GW4VPX/P, 2E0YYY/P and OE5PEN/P. And of course the other regular chasers :smile:

Only ran 10 W into an Inverted-V dipole, so I am very happy with the result … this activation has been the highlight of my “SOTA carreer”!!

Until next time, 73 de Martin

Great to work S2S with Erwin, Stephan and local vk5’s Paul and John.

Hello Andrew,

thanks for the S2S today. It was really a nice surprise for me.

I had little hope for any VK contact, due to my late arrival on the summit (still 1h earlier than my alerted activation time) and the limitation of the activation zone, which did not allow me to set up my dipole antenna pointing in the proper direction for VK (it was abt. 90° rotated :frowning: ).

But when I heard your solid signal I tried my luck … and it really succeeded, even though my prefix OE/ complicated things :wink:

Many thanks Andrew.

73 Stephan, DM1LE

Thanks for the s2s, Martin. Great fun this morning!

With so many activators on 20m, I was worried we would have a problem finding a QRG, but it ended up just fine.

73 Mike

Good job, Andrew!
We’ve (Marcial and me) planned to go up, but at the very last moment it turned impossible… next time!
73 de Mikel

Thank you for Rob VK3EK about nice SSB qso which I made from Jyränvuori OH/JS-066 last Sunday morning with 5W and homemade linked dipole. My report to Rob was 59 ja Rob’s 41 to me.

Less is more! ;-D

73 Saku, OH2NOS

Dear Andrew,
I’ve just seen your alert for this Sunday (your) evenning activation.
If everything goes as planned, I’ll be activating a new unique this Sunday morning and I hope to be QRV looking for you on 20m SSB by 6:30 or 7:00 utc.
Please, keep your ears wide open for QRP signals coming from the other side of the world :wink:
My summit will be Mt. Olotoki - EA2/NV-040. 4 points.
I hope to QSO with you soon.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF