VK to Europe for a S2S

Hi all

I plan to activate VK1/AC-040 Mt Ainslie on 20m SSB from 0645 UTC 4 Sep 15 for approximately one hour. Anyone in the UK, Spain, Germany, Austria, LP to Europe etc interested in a S2S contact? In particular, I am keen to chase an EA7 or HB0 or both, for completed associations.

73, Andrew VK1NAM

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Sorry Andrew, other commitments tomorrow, so can’t get out to a Summit.

73 Ed.

Hi Andrew,
I’d love activating tomorrow morning for a S2S QSO with you via LP but it’s the last working day of this week and I’ll be in the office :frowning:
However, I’ve passed your proposal on to a group of EA activators via whatsapp in case someone has the time for it.
In any case, best wishes and good luck.
Enjoy. 73 de Guru

Hi all

Thanks everyone 22 contacts on 14.310 MHz across Europe and Russia. Regular EU SOTA chasers included Mike G6TUH, Don G0RQL, Manuel EA2DT, Michael DJ5AV and Franz OE7FMH plus many more.

VK chasers on 20m were John VK6NU, Gregg VK8GM, Colin VK3NCC/8 and Matt VK1MA.

VK & ZL chasers on 40m just prior to sunset were Tony VK3CAT, Ken ZL4KD, Margaret ZL3YF, Nev VK5WG, Amanda VK3FQSO and Adrian VK5FANA.

On 2m FM Roald VK1MTS, who joined me on the summit to check out the ‘EU’ pile up.


Andrew VK1NAM

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Thanks for another activation on AC040 Andrew always good to hear you,
also managed to work
vk8gm Greg and vk5pas/p Paul straight after. 73 Don.G0RQL

Hi Andrew

I was listening to you for quite a while and it was quite interesting with the European stations, Some of the stations you were working I could not hear and some of them I was hearing slightly better, while not in signal strength but in readability.

So well done, just a shame we had these conditions today rather than last Sunday. Oh well, that’s how the cookie crumbles. At one stage before I worked you, you came way up in signal strength. I’m not sure if it was conditions or if you increased you power, then you went back down to where you were before. Had a listen on 40 but didn’t hear you but could hear activity there.

Nice trip home after that lot in the log. Still a bit of life left in the bands.


John VK6NU

Hello Andrew,

Thanks very much for this morning/your evening.

Story this side was that first thing I checked Sol numbers - K at 5 and all bands shown as poor, solar storm in progress. Hopeless I thought and also confirmed by looking at the display for 20m which was flat so decided not to go out and put the mast up.

Your spot arrived and I was absolutely amazed to hear you so well. The hexbeam was only at 2.5 m above the ground pointed roughly for LP.

Good job Andrew.