VK question

Nonsense, My ATS-3B and MTR rigs both fit in an Altoids tin and give
5W from a 12v supply.

Colin, I stand corrected! Well done.
How many activations do you get per full tin of mints? :slight_smile:


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A 35cl bottle is a miniature.

I sit corrected!



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I see you are engaging people in the games “humour” and “satire”. I have seen you do this before and I can only warn your competitors that you are very experienced.

Re CW, I have had some success working EU dx in late afternoon activations, so from about 0600 to 0900 UTC on 20m. Never worked a DX S2S at that time, presuming too early for most EU activators and far too early for the US. but I have had a few good runs on 14062 CW and given a few summits to some chasers. I do try to include at least a few contacts on cw in every activation, though mostly this is a futile exercise. I wondered if my default speed of 20 might be a bit too high and perhaps winding it back to a speed more operators will copy.

Even when we had a morse exam in VK, many operators passed the exam and then decided to never use it again. This is their decision and their right. But the result is that now to some ops morse is merely a kind of foreign language that they would like to learn, perhaps like learning to play a Beethoven sonata just as a party piece, without much enthusiasm, pleasure or confidence.

Andrew VK1DA

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Todays the chance to see if I can be heard on dx two summits watch for my spots and have a listen out. be happy to work anyone who can hear me.
73 de Ian vk5cz …

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In an effort to learn morse. In all seriousness. As for a Sota S2S vk- EU or NA. It’s about our only chance. My dinkey817 arrived in the mail mid week.

I apologise for the forthcoming bad morse :))

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I apologise for the forthcoming bad morse :))

FT817 Dinkey Morse Key - VK3BQ

Neat idea!

I don’t think you need to worry about the quality of your morse, I stumbled back to the key on SOTA activations earlier this year, and found everyone very understanding!

Work has kept me off the hills for a couple of months, but hope to be back out soon, and it would be great to work you.


for anyone in VK (vk3), this friday night

This friday night 15th November at the EMDRC club Coffee Shop meeting, Marshall, VK3MRG will be presenting an introduction to SOTA.

the talk starts at 8pm, rooms open from ~7:30

The aim of the night is to introduce (again) the club to Sota, but with an emphesis on how simple it can be to activate a summit - eg (mt dandenong with a handheld)

We will explain the rules and simple ways of activating, how to log via sota website, how to be a chaser, where to listen, where the summits around the greater Melbourne area are and give an overview to some of the apps available. With summer almost on us, the aim is to generate some easy activity form club members over the warmer months.

Marshall and myself (vk3bq) will have our portable kits on display.

Everyone is welcome, the event is open for all. Bring your sota kit for some show and tell.

The club rooms are in Burwood, they are heated, with plenty of parking - info at http://www.emdrc.com.au/club_rooms.html