VK Port-a-log on Samsung TAB A9 ?

Hi all,

Is there anyone running VK port-a-log application on Samsung tablet TAB A9 LTE or A9+ LTE? We have an installation problem, error message saying that the application is not compatible with the tablet.
Android version is 14.
73, Mirko

Hi Mirko,

VK port-a-log does run on Android 14. I have it on my phone.
Make sure you have the latest version as earlier versions are likely to produce the error message you are seeing. The latest is Warburton _01.

Gerard - VK2IO

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Hi Gerard,
Thank you very much for your help. I was asking on behalf of my friend Bojan S56LXN, who told me that he tried to install the latest version. Now I think it was not so. My Samsung is Android 13 and I am running Warburton_01, so I tried to install the Gisborne_02 and Warburton_01 on my wife"s Android 14 phone. Result was as you described. Previous version did not install. So, I sent Warburton_01 to Bojan and waiting for his feedback.
Thanks again,
73, Mirko


Hello Gerard,

To close this topic, all is now well! Bojan has installed the latest version and is happy. I’m happy too :smiley:, because my ordered TAB 9A LTE is already on delivery, and when I heard about Bojan’s problems, I was a bit worried.

Thanks again,
73, Mirko


@S52CU Thanks for the update - I too am happy.
I have been running VK port-a-log on Android 14 on my phone for a while and I would have been disappointed if Warburton_01 was not good for Android 14 on tablets.