VK - NA S2S Experiment (11 March 2017)

Hi all

I’m starting a new thread for the VK - NA S2S experiment starting at 1930 UTC Saturday 11 March 2017, or 06:30 am local time (VK east coast) Sunday 12 March 2017. VK1 first light is 19:33 UTC while sunrise is 20:00 UTC. I will operate QRO from Mt Ginini VK1/AC-008 at 1760 metres ASL (8 points) for a 2 hour window 19:30 to 21:30 UTC (06:30 to 08:30 local time).

Today I raised a VK - NA S2S thread at the VK SOTA Yahoo site where Andrew VK1DA and Warren ZL2AJ have signed up. Both Andrew and Warren are CW and SSB operators.

Since November 2016 I have seen numerous posts in a range of threads asking for an event like this (VK - NA S2S) to kick off. I’m keen to see serious interest from the enthusiastic North American SOTA activators and chasers. To encourage others, please post your ‘W’ activator alert early. :smile:

73, Andrew VK1AD

Andrew, I put the proposed date in the title so people can hopefully find this thread compared with other, older threads a little more easily.

:ok_hand: thanks Andy

So on the UTC date of March 11 after 1930 UTC the boys in VK land will be on the air whatever day it might be down there. Hi

If I got that right, that means I will need to be on at the same time (not that the actual USA day matters but it will be early Saturday afternoon here in Arizona).

I think I messed this up last time.

I hope some CW will be involved…long distance, bad solar conditions, weak signals. CW can’t hurt…

tnx gents


Hello all,
Will try to be on a summit with something; likely 20M CW 100W.
All Best,

Ken, K6HPX

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I worked with ZL1BYZ on 20 meter CW with 2.5 W and dipole antenna almost during all my activations from coastal summits. Time varied from 18:25 UTC to 23:25 UTC. Will try on Saturday, March 11 to make VK-W6 contact.


As luck will have it I’m in the UK that weekend.


I’ve put a small note into “World of DX” section of this weeks ARNewsline podcast about this VK-NA S2S experiment and the VK-EU event earlier in the day, so hopefully this may attract a few more chasers at least.

73 Ed.

Lots of ways of doing this… I guess we all have out favourites. Here’s one of mine

Thanks Ed much appreciated :wink:

Andrew VK1AD


Perhaps you could activate a G summit?

Andrew VK1AD

I hope you are an early riser then Paul and can get to a summit by 7am to take part in the EU-VK S2S activity. If conditions are still bad, it’ll at least be a UK-EU S2S activity hopefully! :expressionless:


Thanks for taking the lead on this Andrew! I’m in and will clear my calendar for that date from here in snowy Maine. 73s de Mike NS1TA

I’m flying from Edinburgh to London on March 11th so it might be tough to participate.


Flight time 1 hour, plus an hour at each end playing around for check-in etc.
I’m sure you could find a hill nearby to try!!!


Barry GM4TOE

The ARNewsline piece is published - those interested can hear the broadcast here: http://www.arnewsline.org/storage/audio/2017/Report2051.mp3 the SOTA bt starts at 11minutes 55 seconds into the file.

73 Ed.

Thanks Ed.

Andrew VK1AD

Hi folks

For the VK - NA S2S event to be held on 11 March we currently have three activators with posted alerts Paul VK5PAS, Kevin AC2KL and myself plus a promise from Andrew VK1DA to activate VK2/ST-053 on CW and SSB and Warren ZL2AJ on a summit somewhere in ZL.

Anyone else in NA, JA, VK or ZL interested in joining the group?

I’m camping overnight on Mt Ginini. The summit weather forecast is looking good :smile:

73, Andrew VK1AD

I will more than likely be on a summit at that time. Which one and what mode is yet to TBD because of a number of factors. More than likely I will be on a lower summit (1-2 pointer), but may see if I can try a higher summit for the purpose of making this work. I wish I could be more committed…

Have alerted for st-053 at 1900 on CW freqs to help with spots. Will work any mode that can produce contacts. 10w on hf. Verticals and dipole.
73 Andrew VK1DA/p aka VK2UH at home