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VK JA ZL - EU UK S2S 20 Oct 2018 (part 2)

To all the participants in the EU/JA/VK/ZL-event 2018

I worked John ZL1BYZ on 20 Meter in CW at 05:55 with KX3, KXPA-100 with 50 Watt and a Buddipole (RST 119). Tks for the QSO. John is a great operator!

I heard VK6NU/P and JP3PPL/3 on 20 Meter in CW for more than 15 minutes but no chance to work them! SSB was a waste of time to get a S2S-QSO with JA/VK/ZL!

You can see the Buddipole and the batteries on the photo on the table. My summit ZH-004 was almost a drive-up summit.



Was the QSO between John and myself the only S2S-QSO between EU and JA/VK/ZL which took place in this event?

Tks for all the QSOs es 73 de HB9BIN, Jürg

(Today I stay at home but tmw I will be in DL)


Hi Juerg

I think I was the only VK that actually managed to do an Activation due to extreme WX conditions in the Eastern States of Australia. i did not see any others spotted. Nice summit and well done on working John ZL1BYZ/P. I also worked John but its a bit easier from my end.

Just think in March we can do it all again.


John VK6NU

Hallo Jürg

With the right antenna went Dx and that in SSB :wink:
07:15 VK1MA s5/7 r5/5
07:24 JH9AUB s5/9 r5/7 LP
07:29 VK2LX s7/7 r5/7
07:30 VK3DET s4/4 r5/6
07:44 JA1QJE s5/9 r5/7
07:47 JH1MXV s5/5 r5/5
08:07 JA7JPZ s5/9 r5/9

I think I was too long at 40 m, at 20m would have gone even more

14 MHz Hentenna:

HB0/LI-009, (no drive in Summit)

Tks for the QSOs, 73 Herbert OE9HRV


Hi Herbert,

Nice DX! Well done.

20m never really opened in the UK. Ernie VK3DET called me on 40m and was easily readable, however, he couldn’t pull my signal report out, so no contact. He was the only DX I heard on both 20 and 40m ssb.


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Heard plenty of DX on 20m myself - JA, BY, VK, HS, 7Z, VU, PY, LU and others - but the only one I could get to hear me was JA2ATE. Never mind, another time indeed!

After a day at the local country field day looking at tractors, snakes and chook pens, getting rained out, sloshing thru mud and hoping not to be struck by the lightning, getting home at 6pm rather than the 4pm planned, I didn’t think activating from the nearest hilltop was a wise or practical thing. But by 7pm local time, half an hour before sunset, the skies had cleared and the rain had moved on. Listening on 40 & 20m the static crashes were still huge. I looked at all current spots and heard either nothing but static or only traces of some familiar voices under the s9 crashes.

I made chaser contacts from home into JA and one with VK6NU as a chaser. I wished I was out on a summit but I strongly suspect the static would have made it very uncomfortable and frustrating.

Next time…

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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Hi Jurg, was nice to make the QSO with you. I was using a KX3 at 10w into a random wire over a 5m pole.