VK-JA-ZL <> EU S2S event: OE/OO-075 activation video report


A short video from todays activation of Hochbuchberg OE/OO-075
in the context of the VK-JA-ZL <> EU S2S event.
Anti-teaser: No ZL VK JA DX included in the video. But I think still worth watching hi

Thank you for QSO with:

73 de Joe


Joe, hello!
This photo was taken during our yesterday’s S2S QSO.
73! Marat.


A fantastic idea for these meetings. We took our daughter


Марат, поздравляю с успешной активацией! Шикарно вы организовались! Сработал с Владимиром rk8a, а позже пытался Вас дозваться, но не пробился. Толпа была из европейцев, да и мне пора было сворачивать удочки. Но слышал великолепно. С началом сезона!

Hello Marat,

Thanks again for our S2S. You came in strong on 14.288 MHz.
5 W from the FT-817 or is there an amplifier in the green bag?

Table, chairs and some hot tea! Very nice :smile:
What temperatures did you have?
Mine were at about +5°C air temp.

Just out of curiosity: adding /8 and /p to your callsign is common?
Here in Austria it is either the one or the other but never both?

73 Joe

Сергей, привет!
Спасибо за ответ!!
Я услышал Ваш вызов, но в этот же момент получил “S2S” от греческой станции и ответил ей. За это время, Вы, наверное, и “смотали удочки”:slight_smile:
С началом сезона!!!

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Joe, good evening!
I used an FT-817 transceiver without an amplifier and a GP antenna. Together with me in the activation participated Vladimir RK8A, his grandson Albert UB9WLJ and my wife Irina. For Irina, this was one of the first experiments on radio communication:улыбка:.
The summit is located next to the house of Vladimir in the Urals Federal District. My federal district of Privolzhsky, therefore in my desire there was an additional figure designating work from territory of other federal district. Adding other abbreviations is optional. I could pass a long one “RA9WJV/8/p/QRP”, but it was too long.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
The temperature at the top did not rise above minus 10 degrees, but there was no strong wind. Folding table, chairs and thermos were raised to the top by Vladimir for the convenience of work.

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Good evening!

Thank you for the information. With -10 °C operating without gloves - respect. Sounds like you had a lot of fun day with family and friends :thumbsup:

I agree adding QRP makes it complicated.

Hope to hear you again for more S2S.

73 de Joe

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