VK-EU S2S Party, Sunday 2 Oct

Despite a bad back i will be on Shining Tor. Earlier in the week i used a simple 20m vertical and got great reports from two VK stations, so i will go with that. 3 elivated radials.

A design I pinched off Tom @M1EYP


….which I pinched off Sean @M0GIA

….which he probably pinched from someone else!

It’s a splendid portable antenna though:

  • Easy to build - even for those with severely limited practical skills (like me).
  • Cheap to make (less than £10 for all parts even at today’s prices).
  • Optimal for DX.
  • Robust - seldom breaks, but easy to quickly repair in the field if it does.
  • Very compact when packed - and lightweight.

Personally, I now make all mine with thick core wire - like the green military spec stuff from SOTABEAMS. This makes to easier to have a wide useable bandwidth, which is great for multimoders like me that want to do CW, SSB and Datamodes on wide bands like 20m and 10m.

[PS, after writing this post, I truly hope I get some decent results tomorrow morning!]


I’m looking at Suilven out of my bedroom window (at least when the rain squalls clear). Perfect for GM-VK if I set off now. :wink:. Sorry I can’t join you tomorrow but have a good activation all of you.

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After a long day working on the Land Rover, I was losing enthusiasm for an early start tomorrow to drive to a new 1 point unique. Then, over dinner Mo suggested that I just go up Pressendye GM/ES-047. I’ve activated it already this year, however it is a 10 minute drive and a 50 or less minute walk (sprint) to the top.

I’m really looking forward to this now.

Gratuitous Landie picture for all of the Ham Landie fans. (Nothing to do with what I was doing today, indeed not even the same vehicle.)


A 1/4 wave vertical with elevated GP radials is a design I came across in my CB days, a design that is most definitely not mine! To build such an antenna out of wire and use a SOTA pole ( fibreglass fishing pole) was an idea for working DX from summit’s, an idea I had. The original vertical article is here… Some 14 year’s ago!



This week I am doing the North Coast 500. No time for SOTA I’m afraid, but I’m treating it as a recce for future visits :grin:.

So gratuitous Porsche picture :joy:


Just worked Martin M7BIA/p S2S.

I’m getting assisted ‘skip’ from the mob of Eastern grey kangaroos.

Andrew VK1AD


So far…

S2S made to VK1, VK2 (2) VK3 & VK5.

S2S also into 9A, CT, DL, EA2, F, G (4),GW (2), I (2)), OM, S5 (3) & SP (3).

Two more VK activators and a JA SOTA heard - but not managed to get through.

Worked DX callers in VK3, ZL, PY and VP8.

Conditions better than anticipated.


Hi Tom,
Almost got you in the log. Confirmed it was you and called. Then a DL station come on and that was that. On your next frequency you were not quite strong enough for me to copy a report. Sorry.
Fraser was similarly weak. I could hear he was there but not enough to make a contact.

I did work Martin and he was copiable, just, for a while.
Nothing heard from other activators.

I need 3 dB more antenna gain, but that won’t happen.


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Keep trying Ron, I’m here for a while yet!

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Hi Tom, will you try ft8/ 4

Geoff vk3sq

Yes Geoff, coming soon.

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Sunset at Mt Stromlo

Andrew VK1AD


Hi Tom, looked for you; nothing seen in waterfall. Sorry mate :-1: next time.

Geoff vk3sq

I’m continuing to edit my “so far” post above. More exciting things happening!

Going to move from FT4 to FT8 shortly, then return to the legacy modes later.

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Be good - my son drives a 5 series BMW along that road complete with blue flashing lights and “nee-nah” :smiling_imp:

Pre-dawn raid on Pressendye GM/ES-047. Hiked up in complete darkness. Very breezy and quite cold until the sun finally woke up.

Three VK’s logged on 20 m SSB. All summit to summits. Surprised I didn’t have any VK base stations banging in.

Home now for 2nd breakfast. :yum:


Heard you fleetingly Fraser but not enough to try calling in (although I know that particular inconvenience doesn’t dissuade certain chasers!)

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On 20 or 40 Tom? I put up my W3EDP for a quick go on 40 metres SSB, but only worked @MW0SAW and @2E0FEH . The lads on the Welsh summits couldn’t hear me either. Maybe a bit early for 40 m.

20m - the only band I brought.

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