Visiting OE

Hello Austria

My wife and I will be in OE from 23 Aug to 16 Sep. We are travelling with extended family visting Salzburg, Vienna, Linz, back to Salzburg followed by a week in Bregenz where I plan to catch up with Herbert OE9HRV.

I have exchanged emails with Heinz OE5EEP and Sylvia OE5YYN. I hope, but can’t guarantee, I can be on a summit for the OE5 SOTA day Saturday 8 Sep 18.

If activation opportunities do arise, I will post an Alert. :wink:

73 Andrew VK1AD


Hello Andrew,

Looking forward to hear you potentially on the OE5 SOTA day or other days. Enjoy your trip to OE.
Let me know if you need infos. But you know already very experienced activators like Sylvia and Heinz so you are in superb hands.

73 de Joe

There is quite an active SOTA community in OE5 … so if you need anything I’m sure someone can assist you (including me of course).

Enjoy your stay in Austria!

73 Martin, OE5REO

Thanks Joe and Martin

We are looking forward to the warm weather, it will be nice to leave Canberra (VK1) winter weather behind.

After spending three weeks in Austria we will spend a week in Paris followed by a week in Athens.

73 Andrew VK1AD

In Salzburg for the first leg of our OE holiday. I have my Yaesu FT-60R 2m/70cm HT with me. When SOTA activation opportunities arise, I will make every effort to post an alert.

73, Andrew OE/VK1AD

Looking forward to meeting u for a chat via one of the Vienna repeaters or a walk to the Vienna-woods.

73 Martin OE3VBU

Hi Andrew,

our local repeater in Salzburg is on 145.6785 (-0,6) with 88,5 Hz Subtone. The repeater is located on OE/SB-268 “Gaisberg”. The Gaisberg is even accessible by car (24/7, toll-free) and offers a panoramic view to the Salzburg area. Sure not the perfect SOTA summit but ideal if you want to see much of area with less effort in a very little time.

Some local hams (including me) are qrv on 145.475 simplex CTCSS 88,5 Hz.

Just drop me an email ( in case you want to crosscheck your plans or need assistance.

73 and enjoy your time in Salzburg

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Made it to the summit of OE/SB-204, Salzburger Hochthron for four unique contacts on 145.5 FM: Franz OE5FSL, Mark OE2CRP, Henry OE5HDN and Gerhard DO1GER. Thank you all for the summit qualification. A new OE summit for me. :slight_smile:

73 Andrew OE/VK1AD


Hi Andy,

we met at Wyong Field Day when I was down under as OK1BIL/VK2 in 2016 and we even made couple contacts from hilltops when I was activating with Compton VK2HRX.

I currently live in Salzburg as OE2BLT, so if you fancy a beer or two in Augustiner Bräustubl I am open for discussion. :slight_smile: If you are staying over the weekend, I am open for an activation if the weather is any good.

I am reachable at billdotjr át ǵḿáíĺ ćőḿ


Hi Marek

Yes, I remember meeting you at the Ham Fest and working you on two VK2 summits. I will be back in Salzburg, Zell am Moos next week. Currently in Linz for a family gathering. We are enjoying a few reds at the Linz wine festival.

I am restricted in my movements as my father-in-law Gunter has the hire car. I don’t know when we might be in Salzburg city next week.

73 Andrew VK1AD

Tomorrow Wednesday 5 September I plan to activate Schafberg OE/SB-216 on 2m FM. At this stage I don’t have a planned timing although the activation should be before 10:00 UTC . I will post an Alert when I have a better idea of the activation time.

73 Andrew OE/VK1AD

Hi Andrew,

my plan is to activate Bodenwies OE/OO-246 tomorrow. Just checked on Google Earth … there is a line of sight and about 85km distance between us. So it should be no problem to have a S2S-QSO tomorrow. My plan is to be on the summit at about 0900 UTC … will listen for you on 2m FM - 145.500

73 Martin, OE5REO

P.S.: There is a webcam on the top of Schafberg … have a look:

Thanks Martin for the S2S from my summit at Schafberg. I made 7 QSOs on 2m FM. I may have worked more D and OE locals however SOTAWatch was down for some time.

73 Andrew OE/VK1AD


My wife and I are in Bregenz for the week enjoying the sights of this beautiful region. Today we are taking the ferry from Bregenz to Mainau Island on Lake Constance. Tomorrow, Wednesday 12 Sep Herbert OE9HRV has organised a trip to the summit of HB0/LI-004 Augstenberg in Liechtenstein. Back in September 2014 I chased Herbert activating LI-004 from Mt Ginini VK1/AC-008. Tomorrow’s activity may lead to a completed HB0 summit :slight_smile:

For the readers in VK, LI-004 is approximately 100 metres higher (ASL) than SM-001.

73 Andrew OE/VK1AD


Chris was recording a video from this activation HB0/LI-004.

A big thanks to Herbert OE9HRV for offering to take me to HB0/LI-004. The climb to the summit is difficult, it isn’t a walk in the park. The closest VK experience to match LI-004 would be VK2/SM-003 Mt Twynam. See link below.

Here are a couple of photos taken at the summit of LI-004. I will update my blog when I return to VK.

Herbert OE9HRV

Andrew VK1AD

73 Andrew OE/VK1AD


Hi all

Subject to weather clearing, Herbert’s plan for today is an activation of OE/VB-509 around 11:00 UTC.

I’m looking forward to activating my first OE9 summit and dealing with the next pileup!

Overnight my friend in Canberra, Andrew VK1DA (yes that’s correct, two SOTA activators in VK1 both named Andrew with callsigns VK1DA and VK1AD) helped with a conversion of my HB0/LI-004 excel spreadsheet log to CSV. I am recording my QSOs in a paper log then typing the log using google sheets on my iPad. My version of google sheets doesn’t have a CSV save option. My HB0 log is now loaded. Thanks Andrew VK1DA for your assistance. :slight_smile:

73, Andrew OE/VK1AD

Hi Andrew,

Download a free copy of FLE (Fast Log Entry) for conversion of paper&pencil log into SOTA-readable file. It works great for me and avoids the use of excel spreadsheets with all its pitfalls!

Congrats on your recent HB0/VK1AD/P activation. It sounds like you had lots of fun!

73 Heinz, OE5EEP

A big thanks to Herbert OE9HRV for the 45 minute walk to OE/VB-509 and the subsequent pileup on 40m.

Today I achieved my first 70cm FM contact in OE, a completed OE/VB summit and 5 new unique S2S exchanges.

Summary of QSOs:
70cm FM: 2
2m FM: 1
80m SSB: 1
40m SSB: 27
20m SSB: 13

This is my last activation in OE/VB for a 2018. I would like to acknowledge Herbert’s efforts to supply the equipment for two excellent activations in HB0 and OE/VB, thank you Herbert. :slight_smile:

73 Andrew OE/VK1AD

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Hello Heinz

I am travelling light using an iPad, in VK I use VK Porta-Log on a 7 inch android tablet. VK Porta-Log is an excellent logging software package designed by Peter VK3ZPF. Having read the FLE site it would appear the software is for devices running a version of windows operating system.

Thanks for the note on HB0/LI-004, indeed Herbert treated me to loads of fun, first with a 2 hour hike followed by two decent northern hemisphere pileups.

Credit to Herbert for taking on a 20m JA pileup :smile:

My wife and I hope to be back in OE Salzburg in 2 years time. Next time we won’t have extended family commitments.


Andrew OE/VK1AD