Visiting CT8 (Azores)

Hi everybody
I’ll be visiting CT8 (Azores) as from tomorrow till July 5 with my XYL. I’ll take along my KX2 and I’m hoping to be able to do the one or the other activation during this time. I don’t know yet how many and on which days; and I don’t know about the phone signal coverage there, which might create a problem for me to place a spot. As I have long ago forgotten all my CW skills I will only be QRV in SSB on the bands between 40m and 10m. So I cannot create a spot with my radio signal. Before each attempted activation I will therefore set an alert with exact frequencies and I will then on the summit call on these frequencies (± QRM) hoping someone will hear me.
Perhaps there are some chasers and activators who are interested in a QSO to CT8. As for myself, I will be happy about each QSO I will be able to do from there.
73, Fritz HB9CYX


Spotting by SMS should work if there is at least phone coverage (but not strong enough for internet), you should set it up while still at home, though. If that also fails, ask the first chaser to spot you.
I’m sure you knew that, but I thought I’d repeat it again anyway.

Enjoy your vacation!
73 de Martin / HB9GVW

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Hello Martin
Thanks for the hint!
73, Fritz HB9CYX

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Hoi Fritz

Schöni Feriä!

73, DIZ

Hi Fritz,
congratulations on your plan to visit the Azores, I’ve never been there.

During Pota activations in the last few months, I surprisingly often spoke very nice oms from the archipelago, mostly on 17m and 20m. Manuel, CU3BL and Mike, CU3HY were often the first chaser.
Maybe you would like to write to them and win them for our Sota.
73 Chris

Hi Fritz,

good idea. Nice place!
Some years ago there was always a shower in the afternoon. But this might have changed with changing conditions…

Upper bands will work very nicely into almost any direction. 10W will be fine as there is plenty of water around the islands.

Enjoy your stay!


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