Visiting Azores Islands (CU) in September 2017

From Wednesday 6th September to Monday 18th September I will be on Azores Islands together with my wife.
We will spend between 2 and 3 days on

  • Flores CU8 (CU/FL-xxx)
  • Faial CU7 (CU/FA-xxx)
  • Sao Jorge CU5 (CU/SJ-xxx)
  • Terceira CU3 (CU/TE-xxx)
  • Sao Miguel CU2 (CU/SM-xxx)
    and I might have a chance for one or more activations as CT8/DK7MG/P.

Do you have any recommendations for easily accessible summits on these islands?


Hi Andy

I will arrive to Azores (CU3) tomorrow morning…

So, easy accessible summits in those islands:
*Flores CU8 (CU/FL-xxx)
CU/FL-001 - Drive-in summit
CU/FL-004 - Almost drive-in summit

Flores is the most wild beautiful island! If you like nature and magnificent views, you will love it!

  • Faial CU7 (CU/FA-xxx)
    CU/FA-001 - Drive-in summity (dirt road…)
    CU/FA-002 - Drive-in summity
    "Dive" into the Vulcanoe (Capelinhos): Awesome!
    Drink a gin at Peter’s - in/nr Horta Marina - looking at Pico (Pico island and Pico mountain). A ton of photos for sure!

  • Sao Jorge CU5 (CU/SJ-xxx)
    CU/SJ-001 - A dirt road will take you near the summit. But usually is a long rough dirt road…
    A plane crash near the summit in December 1999.

Wilderness in it’s pure state. Try to visit Fajã de Santo Cristo and/or Fajã dos Cubres and/or Fajã do Ouvidor.
Swim in the ocean in any of them!
Try to visit the lighthouse Rosais, in the Northern tip of the isl. A unique non-tourist landscape!
Well, enjoy the island…

  • Terceira CU3 (CU/TE-xxx)
    CU/TE-001 - drive-in summit
    CU/TE-003 drive-in summit
    CU/TE-004 - almost drive-in summit but a walk around Monte Brasil park is a must!

You should visit Algar do Carvão: The only volcanoe that is possible to visit in the world.
Angra do Heroísmo is an ancient town, Unesco World Heritage.
Pay a visit to the viewpoint near CU/TE-003, facing west. A unique landscape!
Pick a bot at Marina Angra do Heroismo and go for a whaling watch. You will never forget this sea and their magnificent Cetaceans.
Take a walk around Monte Brasil (CU/TE-004). Or just climb with a vehicle to Monte das Cruzinhas. Enjoy!

  • Sao Miguel CU2 (CU/SM-xxx)
    CU/SM-002 - drive-in summit
    CU/SM-004 - drive in summit (a long road in nowhere land…)

CU-SM-002 its near the viewpoint to Lagoa do Fogo
CU/SM-004 is near Tronqueira, wher it exist the Priolo, a small bird one of it’s kind. It has an interpretation centre in the base of the mountain.
S. Miguel is the biggest Azorean island. It has a lot to offer: Visit Furnas, Caldeira Velha, Vista do Rei, Sete Cidades, and Ponta Delgada center.

I hope it help. Have a nice visit to Azores.

Vy 73 de Pedro, CU3HF/CT1DBS

Thank you very much Pedro.
From my maps it is sometimes difficult to decide whether a road is a dirt road or not. Therefore I appreciate your comments and hints and I am looking forward to enjoying the beautiful islands…