Visiting Azore Islands in May 2015

Hi Everyone,

I will be on the Azore Islands Terceira (CU3; IOTA EU-175) and São Miguel (CU2; IOTA EU-003) from the 7th to the 14th of May 2015 and plan to activate some summits in CW with the callsign CT8/HB9DPR/P.

I will be spotting via SMS where coverage allows. Many thanks to Andy MM0FMF for letting me use his SMS spotting service when I’m abroad.

This will be my first activation on an Atlantic Island. I plan to take my standard sota equipment (KX3 & Alexloop). Do any of you have experience with this equipment on an Atlantic island?


I’ve activated from Madeira CT3 which was huge fun. I did raise a big pileup on 17m CW. The equipment was an FT817 + home Buddistick clone at 5W.

As there have not been many CU summits activated, you can expect everyone who can hear you to call. All at the same time! :wink: Probably working split will make it much more manageable.

I don’t know what equipment the 3 or 4 CU chasers use, but they are some of the loudest signals I hear on an activation.

Hi Tom
Hope you like our islands and the superb views from our summits.
I do not know your antenna but with my 6m PRO Whip and 10w (Kenwood TS480SAT and my golf trolley battery) out I’ve worked a lot of OMs worldwide.
Hope we meet up when you be on Terceira Island.
73 de CU3AA, Joao

Many thanks for your info Andy. I think it’s a good idea to train split operation before I travel to the Azores. Up to now I haven’t work in this mode.

Thank you very much for your info Joae.

Years ago I was on the Islands Faial, Pico und Sao Miguel. I love the beautiful nature and very friendly people. This were one of my best holidays I ever had.

Now we are from the 7. to the 11. May on Terceira and stay in Angra do Heroismo. It would be very nice if we can meet.

73 de Tom