Visite St. Jean Pied de Port et SOTA si possible

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J’ai prévu de passer 2 jours (jeudi et vendredi cette semaine) dans les congés de Pâque avec ma famille à la région de St. Jean Pied de Port et j’aimerai pouvoir faire une activation SOTA, si possible dans la zone F/PO.
Nous allons rester dans une maison à Aincille (voir dans le map)
Le sommet le plus proche est Gatharre F/PO-228 et j’aimerai savoir si peut-etre quelque activateur dans la zone pourrait me donner quelques guides, GPS track ou indications sur l’accès à cette montagne ou les autres dans la zone et visibles dans le map ci-dessous.

Je sais qu’il sera très difficile d’obtenir le permis de ma xyl pour y aller, mais je voudrais essayer :wink:

Merci beaucoup d’avance et mes meilleurs 73,



I’m planning to spend 2 days (this Thursday and Friday) within the Easter holidays with my family in the area of Saint Jean Pied de Port and I’d like to be able to activate some SOTA if possible in the F/PO region.
We will stay in a house in the village of Aincille (see below in the map)
The closest SOTA is Gatharre F/PO-228 and I’d like to know if, perhaps, some activator in the area could kindly give me some guiding, GPS track, indications of how to access this mountain or the others visible in the map of the area here below.

I know it will be difficult to get the necessary freedom pass from the xyl, but I’d like to try it :wink:

Thanks in advance and my best 73,


Many thanks André @F5UKL for the GPS tracks you sent me which helped me to successfully reach the summit of Gatharre and carry out an activation.
I have found WIFI in a bar near the house we are staying in and I have just uploaded the log into the database while enjoying a beer.
Once at home, I’ll write a proper activation report with pictures and an interesting story about my time here in the French Basque country, the lower Navarre.
Thanks to all the chasers and apologies for having to go QRT due to the rain.


hi Guru,
glad you were able to activate while in that area. A work colleague set out on the famous Camino de Santiago from that area (St Jean Pied de Port) just under a year ago, spending 32 days or so doing the almost 800km walk. Some of the photos made me want to do it myself one day! Very nice country to walk through. And of course nice hill climbing too.
73 Andrew vk1da/vk2uh