Vidoe of my KX3 SOTA backpack

I made a short video of my KX3, SOTA pack, and gear.


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Great Vid John i was getting worried then right at the end i saw the morse key on the kx 3 to fill the kit to full potential.
73 de ian …

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Hi John…I read you are not having much luck with your buddipole as a vertical…I use the buddipole versa T vertical setup with the one counterpoise ( other half of dipole) find it quick to set up and tune with good results. Here’s the link to a YouTube video by Buddipole on setup and use which you may find interesting! Liked your gear video…keep up the good work!

Setting up the Buddipole Versatee Vertical - YouTube

73 Mike VA6FUN

Good video, I need to give it a try. Now correct me if I am wrong, but the direction of the counterpoise is the general direction for the strongest signal right?