Video Sota EA3/BC-018 Matas for EA3RKM

First activation of the radio club EA3RKM, I hope to repeat ok, to get used a wheelbarrow, better watch the video, made us sweat, hahahaha good sota

and company EA3HLM,EA3HKY,EA3HP

thanks friends

Please see Club Call Signs with SOTA as clubs may not accrue SOTA points. All QSOs must be recorded against the call sign of the operator who made the QSO and not against the club call sign.

Hello Jim, I’ve already sent it to you. Andy, do not worry, we’re going to correct greetings.


No problem Daniel. If you need a hand to move the log entries to the right place just PM or email me. I’m still amused at using a wheel barrow. I think I may take one to our contest site to help moving the gear around.

Hi Andy, thank you very much for your support, I’ll need it for another question, we’ll do it by mail, okay, the truck is the one I use when I go camping, the wheels are not suitable, the tires fit to speed the trip, Amp and 20amp etc, given how this spread wanted me to hear well, of course I can save all this and bring a QRP team, to vecez we complicate ourselves, everything for the good work, this fantastic diploma of the Sota

Two 40 amp and 20 amp batteries

sorry for traslate