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Video report DL/AL SOTA Tour..


last week I was in Oberstdorf. I did some SOTA for 4 days. It was a wonderful week. The wx was UFB. On the Schnippenkopf I made 29 QSO’s. Vy good conditions on that summit. The Grosser Daumen with 2280 meters was the highest summit this week.
I used KX1 with HyEndFed 40/20/10 antenna. QRP 3 W.
Here you can see my video’s.

Tnx all chasers. 73, Tonnie de PA9CW.

13-10-218 I activated DL/AL-097

14-10-2018 I activated DL/AL-81 and DL/AL-082

15-10-2018 I activated DL/AL-077

16-10-2018 I activated DL/AL-267

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Super Video (I must learn about …)
I started to produce some first 3 ones on my channel
73 Erich

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thanks for that.
I saw your videos, and that’s also a good tip. To film the setup of the station. Thanks for that.

73, Tonnie PA9CW

I have not made any myself… yet but the ones I have seen from other SOTA activations with added sound recordings from actual QSO made it really interesting. Thanks for showing.

73’s Jaan

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Ah QSO I have also recorded. First QSO on 2m with TA3 from SV8 was unfortunally the voice switched off…
But after in HF was ok.
I made a big Video compiled from different parts also with QSO sound (in CW), especially for my 6 grandchilds because some are vy interested and have talent (already do something with Arduino - eg girl in age of 11) . - make promoting for young talents :grinning:

Tomorrow going to SV/AG-007 - try also to record some video parts - hope also long distance in 2m (370km are long for a 2m beginner, also across the SV/TA border) additional a bit from HF. Its also for myself, so I see what I can do better…Learning never ends.

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