Video on6dsl/p on/on-016

Dear SOTA friends,

New video on YouTube about the activation ON/ON-016 LA CROIX DU SOLDAT in international SOTA weekend.

The link is:

Also on personal website and some pictures.

Direct links:


Enjoy …

Thanks for ALL the (DEEP QSB) - QSO’s and S2S.

CU next SOTA


In reply to ON6DSL:
Tnx for nice video, I do hope hear you one day.
Here only QRV CW.
73 QRO

In reply to ON6DSL:

Hello Luc.

Nice video as usual. Thanks for S2S QSOs. I had a list of an activating stations with me on the hill and I was searching up and down the frequency for your signal. Sabina and I were very happy to found you at last and we made a S2S QSOs. HPE CUAGN!

73, Milos S57D

In reply to F5LKW:

Hi Roger,

I must pick up again the CW mode … it is a long time ago.


In reply to S57D:

Hi Sabina and Milos,

Many, many thanks for the S2S QSO. Not so good ConDx with deep QSB.
But whe made it. Hope to work you and Sabina again on our next sota activation from Belgium. It is always nice to have you and Sabina in the log.


Hi Luc,

Thanks for the s2s QSO. I did notice that you had both M1EYP and G7MLO voices recorded in your video but not mine, altrough you did put my callsign at the end of your video. It is always nice to work you.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to :

Hi Chris, about the video … you make also nice SOTA films.
But Xyl Annemie filming all the time and she is does that beautifully.
Sri for the title on the end of the film … I made a mistake on your callsign OE5HSE … it must be OE5HCE.

Hi Lionel, I was first QRV on 7.090 but many QRM from the (again) contest stations. Yes I know about up of 7100 … notwithstanding, I have work one F-station on 7.130. Hope for you soon will be ok above 7.100.

In reply to M3EYP:

Hi Jimmy,

Sri Jimmy that we did not have your call on film. Xyl Annemie is doing here best, but sometimes the battery must replaced, ect … ect …
Hopefully it’s a next time.
Cu nxt SOTA


In reply to ON6DSL:
Luc i was in QSO on i think 20m when the EYP’s worked you … well we will just have to do another ISW so we can work each other!

I never looked at the numbers of spots and alerts before but now looking at todays and yesterdays numbers last week really was a big event! Sean M0GIA

In reply to M0GIA:

Hi Sean,

Yes, ISW must be again … perhaps during a long weekend in august summer time 2009.
Normally I and Xyl Annemie wanted to go on camping with the tent (1-4 may)to the far southern part of Belgium in the surroundings from Virton for activation of 3 summits. But due circumstances I could not go.
But we are working each other’s some day, perhaps s2s.

It is regrettable that Belgium has some summits nearby my QTH Nord Belgium.It would been nice ! For us it is now about 3 hours HIGH SPEED driving Up and 3 hours back. 6 hours driving for about 1-2 h fun !

Cu and work you on NXT SOTA