Video of W7U/TO-045 Tabbys Peak--First Activation

I decided to make a video… First Activation of this summit… My first SOTA activation video…

How to get there. View from the top.


Great first video! I didn’t know a Cherokee could go that fast.

Would like to have seen more of the activation. Besides the J-Pole, what’s the other antenna setup?

Great feedback. I’ll try to do more of that on subsequent videos. On this one I was just trying to capture the flavor of this summit.

The pole is holding up the center point of an 80M dipole. It’s fed with ladder line, so it tunes nicely on all bands using the KX2’s internal tuner.

The legs of the dipole run to my hiking sticks at each end. (You can see me stringing up the wire in the video.)

Very cool. Also a KX2 user, new ham as of August. I’m still trying to figure out what the best middle of the road antenna is for the radio between EFHW and Dipole for SOTA. Look forward to more content.

Congrats on new ham! Welcome!