Video of the OE/SB-232 activation

Hi @ all!

Here the link to my new video:

Enjoy it
73 de Chris OE5HCE

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Das ist wunderbar lieber Chris !
Vielen dank

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Danke Christian für die “activation”…schöner Film…

73 de Franz ON9CBQ/DL3RBF

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Those are mean icicle’s on the road side! Sean M0GIA

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Hi dear friend Christian,

Nice video … and lots of snow there !
Here on the moment NO longer snow … everything is melted … only some rain and wet melting snow and. :frowning:

Untill Next time and video.


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Almost like a TV comercial for SOTA. I like it!

73 Heinz

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Hello Chris
Really nice video.
I hope we’ll meet one day S2S.
Best 73
André - f5ukl