Video of SV/AT-006 activation

I enjoyed activating SV/AT-006 near Athens, Greece this weekend, December 15th. Initially cold on the summit, but after the sun came out, a very nice day.
Thanks for all who made the effort copying my fairly crappy CW. :slight_smile:

This day resulted in a nice, short activation video, including a demonstration on assembling the MP-1 superantenna. Check it out on SOTA activation of SV/AT-006 by PA3Q in Greece - YouTube

Best 73 to you all!


Wil PA3Q

In reply to PA3Q:

Leuke video. 30 meter is altijd goed 😄

Hoop je ooit te werken op een SOTA activatie. Op 30 meter…

Tonnie, PA9CW

In reply to PA9CW:

Hi Tonnie,

Dank voor je reactie. Ging idd een stuk beter op 30m. Die band is ook makkelijker met de radialen voor de MP-1. Ik probeer om ze op iets minder dan 1/4L te houden. :slight_smile:

Vast een keer tot werkens.


In reply to PA3Q:

Hej Wil,

Looked at your video and can only say that if that was “crappy CW” then I can only wish that my CW was as crappy as yours!!!

Nice video. Next time please tell the cameraman to include the operator so that I can see what kind of key/paddle your are using and where you mount or hold it.

Larry W8VKO

In reply to W8VKO:

Hi Larry, thanks for your kind remarks. Well, I still make mistakes when doing CW. But, it is somewhat more difficult in the field when compared to the comfortable desk at home. :slight_smile:

Good suggestion for the camera position. The camera man was, this time my trustworthy Gorilla tripod. So, that is fairly fixed. But, @a previous activation my daughter was camera girl. And she did film my CW. So, if you want you can check it out.

Cheers and best 73s,
Wil PA3Q