Video of Schafkogel OE/OO-245 (1.550m)

Hi @ all!

Here my newest SOTA-Video of Schafkogel OE/OO-245 (1.550m)

Mni tnx for the 57 QSO’s today!!!

Enjoy it!

73, Christian OE5HCE

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Nice video. Sota-activaton with twice the fun, radio and skiing.
Thanks for the S2S today, many callers, so i had to wait to get through. But no problem, I had tent and stove, and hot cocoa.

I have to borrow your thread, to thank the chasers of my activaton of LA/NT-021, no problems of stations calling on topp off qso’s. Even managed to get a qso with PY1SX, with only 12watts :slight_smile: (thats 10600 km)


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Hi Christian,

Nice video and very nice pictures. Great to see an activation in the snow. Must have been a tough walk going uphill.

In my activation last week (Athens) I was able to capture some minor frost and ice on video for the first time. But, I’m really looking forward to lots of snow one day. So thanks for the good example.

Best 73 and enjoy SOTA.

Wil PA3Q

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Hi Christian,

Nice video and nice to contact you on the OE/OO-245
I have also got GOPRO2 and still learning with it, ok thanks again for the nice video.


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Hello Chris, thanks for all the summits.

The mountain looked beautiful and a nice video.

Take care and best wishes to you and yours for Christmas and 2013+.
Mike G6TUH

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Hi Terry!

Well GOPRO2 works well … look at this video

My pilot had a teleskop with the GOPRO too :wink:

73, Chris OE5HCE

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Mni tnx Mike, the same wishes to you and your family
and I hope, we make further nice QSO’s on the next

Here you soon :wink:

73, Chris OE5HCE

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Hi Erik!

Mni tnx for coming back. Well I had bad conditions there, but
your sig was stronger than QRN S9! And there was easy to hear
you. I hope, I hear you again!

73, Chris OE5HCE

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Fantastic video! How wonderful to combine skiing and SOTA.