VIDEO: OE5JFE winter activation of Wasserklotz, with drone video

Hello everyone,

Yesterday went on sunny but freezing cold (-15 °C at summit) activation on Wasserklotz OE/OO-248.
Thomas - you migh know him from my Japan activation videos - joined and brough his new drone along. Since 1st of January the regulations for those small drones are simplified and harmonized within the EU.

Activation was done in only 20 minutes on 2m FM. Fingers were just getting to cold for other bands. Was happy to get everything packed up.

Please enjoy the video:

And some pictures:

Wx station at our starting place (1020 m, 13.02.2021, 8:00-13:00)


Hope you enjoy freezing a bit together with us.
73 Joe


Dear Joe,
This is really great cinema :grinning: , I enjoyed watching the video. THANKS for sharing.
Vy 73 de Peter, DO4TE


Tom has a Deuter bag like mine.

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@DM7KN, Peter danke für den freundliche Kommentar. Das motiviert mich sehr. Viel Spaß am gemeinsamen Hobby.

@MM0FMF, Andy, indeed he is very happy with the bag. Great features, lightweight and enough space even for winter cloth and most important the new drone :grin:

Hey Joe

Immer wieder schön, deine Berichte zu lesen und die Bilder / Videos anzuschauen.

DANKE - Armin

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Brilliant as always Joe but I still think you’re crazy lol Best 73

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Thanks Allen. I take it as a compliment :blush:
But as you can see we were not the only ones walking up there so I don’t feel so odd.
Best 73

Ah…heaven! If winters here looked like that, we wouldn’t be in such a rush to escape them. That’s some legit SOTA.

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Thanks for sharing the video.

There are some lovely photographs and drone panoramas.


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Nice Joe!

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Bravo for activation. Excelent video.

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Thank’s for nice video

73’ Alain

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I enjoyed that thanks. Nothing beats snow and sun together!
73s Martin

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Hi Joe, thanks for your report and photos. Are you starting another topic…Cats on Summits. :smiley: :smiley:

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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Hi Geoff,

I think we had that topic already but it was about mountain lions and lynx :scream_cat:
Not sure if house cats were already featured hi

Thank you all for the kind feedback. Happy to have you all join me retrospectively on my activations.

73 Joe

Joe, thank you for the wonderful film about the beauty of the winter alps!

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I forget to comment here because I am subscribed to your channel @OE5JFE Joe, but obviously this is a wonderful bit of footage.

Thanks for taking the time to document your adventures, and the endless hours of video editing it no doubt takes afterwards.

If I don’t drive myself crazy staring at green ruled printer paper lining my shack :woozy_face: :dizzy_face: :weary: :tired_face: maybe I’ll be able to do the same in the UK in a few weeks

Cheers, Mark. :wink:

Thanks a lot Mark for the kind feedback and for joining my channel. I have seen a small but steady increase of subsribers over the past month. No ambitions there but motivation to continue on.
With a bit of experience the editing gets a lot faster. And having extra video footage from the drone makes it even easier.

I hope a fast improvement of condition will happen in the next weeks/month.
So glad that in OE driving (for a hike) was only banned in the first lockdown and never came back in nr 2 and 3. Don’t want to jinx it…

Hope to hear you and everyone else stuck at home soon for a S2S :+1:
Cheers Joe