VIDEO: OE5JFE Winter activation of Hochedl, OE/OO-345

Hello everyone,

Between Christmas 2020 and New Year, Alexandre and myself went on a hike to Hochedl OE/OO-345. A faily unspectatcular summit near Steyrling as one mostly follows a gravel road.
But with 10 cm fresh snow and temperatures below 0°C and strong wind near the summit still a bit of an adventure.

See for yourself:


73 de Joe


Thanks for sharing Joe,
spectacular landscape and beautiful sun over the fresh snow. Always nice to see you in action.
73 de Ignacio


Hi Joe,

Thank you for your video which is very professional as always.
For me the best is position of Alex during activation: his shows the most important motto that number one is the pleasure !

73, Jarek


Winter nature in Austria is beautiful! Thanks for the video, Joe.

Thank you Marat for the kind reply and thank you for watching :slight_smile:
73 Joe

Hello Joe,

thanks for sharing. Very nice nature as always in Austria in wintertime and succesfull activation. Loks like Alex is the “Kinf of relaxing” also in wintertime :-).

Best 73’s and stay save


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