VIDEO: OE5JFE on Speikberg and Krippenstein: Hike Radio Ski adventure

Hello everyone,

I have setup a video premiere on Youtube 3rd of April 16:00 UTC (that is in less than 30 min from now. Then it will be available like usual)

Join us - that is Anna, Andrea and Joe - on the Dachstein/Krippenstein high plateau at over 2000m to hike over to Speikberg OE/OO-190 on snow shoes and then ski the longest downhill slope in Austria (11 kilometers) from Krippenstein OE/OO-012 (of course after the activation).
Fresh snowfall some days before, blue sky and great company made it great adventure. Scenic view guaranteed.

See for yourself (Video available from 3rd of April 16:00 UTC)

73 Joe


Nice one Joe, Looked like a lot of fun, sorry I missed your activation. Stay safe and best 73

Wow , that looked awesome Joe.


John VK6NU

Thanks a lot. It was a lot of fun. A bit of a gear battle bringing the ski and ski boots up to the summit station in addition to the snow shoes. But totally worth it.

73 Joe


A great day out! Your Scheehuhn at 5:10 was a surprise. Known as a Ptarmigan in English, Lagopus muta. Coincidently, the UK army had a radio system called Ptarmigan.

Many thanks.

Thanks John for the correction in the English naming of this cute little winter camouflaged fellow.
It was a big surprised for us too. Only notice just the head peaking over and approached with the camera rolling. I hope it was not too stressed with us around.

Btw. in the area the Austrian military had one of their alpine training center. It was closed some years ago. Here an article

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Stunning Joe! Mountains, snow and blue skies - what could be better.

Super video! Well done…I remember going up there a few years back but that was during the Summer. 73!

Joe, once again, it was with great pleasure that I watched your new film. The winter nature of the Austrian Alps is beautiful! Charming companions graced the film. On the long ski slope, you demonstrated good technical training and physical fitness!

Joe, great result. And movies and radio and skiing. And the mountains are real! But most of all I liked the presence of beautiful sports girls!
Thank you and 73!