VIDEO: OE5JFE on Predigkogel OE/OO-229

Hello everyone,

Here my video report from the activation of Predigkogel OE/OO-229, 1691m near the town of Bad Ischl.
Started a about -4 °C in the valley near Rettenbachalm.
In the sun on the summit it was quite nice. Blue sky gave a great panorama and contrast to the snow patches there. But see for yourself.

It was the time of the year to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (in all the languages I know hi ).
If I remember correct the first time in one of my videos: Allen @2E0AGB

S2S with Heinz @OE5EEP, Daniel @OE5HDX, Gilbert @OE2GXL and Dieter @OE5DZL (unfortunaly audio not recorded).


Start from Rettenbachalm / Parking

High pastures huts

View to Gamskogel and Loser/ Bräuningzinken

Summit setup

View to summit (from Gamskogel)

Joe :slight_smile:

QSO map:

73 de Joe


Whee! I made it to one of Joes’ videos! Thank you :+1: for always sharing your nice hikes in the beautiful area of Austria :austria: (and elsewhere)

The summit i hiked up on this day also was a very beautiful, lonely one. ⇨ “Ramsauer Größtenberg” OE/OO-344. Didn’t see anyone, just one track in the snow.

A few impressions: Border fog/snow was about 850m above sea level. Above that it was sunny and warm. Below that: freezing cold winter!


Joe I am so jealous the photos and views are truly magnificent thanks for putting them on. Right now to watch the video . Take care and stay safe. Best 73 and HNY.