Video: OE5JFE on OE/OO-247 Almkogel

Hello everyone,

Spring temperatures (or was it summer) and still lots of snow made a multi-stage SOTA weekend quite an interesting setup.
Original plan was to ascend on Saturday afternoon to a mountain hut (Ennserhütte) near Almkogel OE/OO-247.
As Christian @OE5HCE was an early bird for the activation of the highest summit in Austria Großglockner OE/KT-001 Sunday morning (plan was 6:30 LT) I decided to get up early and setup for chasing near the hut.
It finally took him quite a bit longer but let’s see if we will see a video from him showing the activation.
After waiting about 1,5 hours out there a QSO was done. Congratulation for that achivement. I went back to the hut so get my breakfast.

Then I went up to my first summit the Almkogel. Because of CQ WW SSB I did not even give 20m a try after noticing all the contest QRM going on. Non-contest band 17m band did not bring any chasers. So it was 2m FM only time :+1:
Because of the great wx a lot of S2S.

My plan was to hike over to Hühnerkogel OE/OO-249 but after decending down about 200 hm the heavy wet snow got deeper and deeper. So I decided to cancel that activation and get back up to Almkogel.
I was sweating hard as the sun is already very strong and temperatures here reached 20 °C in the low areas of OE5.

A video with sunset and sunrise, snow and flowers. Pls enjoy yourself:

And some pictures:

Saturday sunset:

Beer and “Apfelstrudel” cake with vanilla sauce on the way back at the hut :slight_smile:

73 de Joe


As announced before here it is:

Christian @OE5HCE released his video on Youtube from his activation of OE/KT-001 Großglockner:

Perfekt WX and conditions on the highest summit in Austria.
Nice to bring my memories up from last year.
Congrats to Christian for this achivement.

73, Joe


nice vid love the music!!