VIDEO: OE5JFE on Haindlmauer OE/ST-546

Hello everyone,

This time a video to prove that it is not always sunny in OE land. This years month of May was cold and rainy with short sunny interruptions. I guess pretty normal for other countries but pretty untypical for us here in OE5.

I decided to go for Haindlmauer OE/ST-546 - assuming I am doing a first activation but the evening before got a phone call from Gerhard OE6PGM and he applogized for not uploading the log sooner …

So join me on the second activation of this summit that has a bit of a technical challenge included. A combination with rain and spots of sun on some rock scrambles made it a great adventure.
I think I put the rain jacket on and off about 10 times. But better than wearing it all the time hi

No success on 2 m FM at all but 20m was doing great working all over Europe. Thanks to all the chasers.
And a noteable S2S with Markus HB9DIZ :slight_smile: Finally in my log. QSO is of course in the video included. Thanks Markus :+1:

Here the video report:

And some pictures:
Goferhütte - rental cottage for groups up to 20 people

Creek with flowers

T4 rope section

At the ridge

Gentian in sunlight

Summit cross

Hope you enjoy watching my little adventure.
73 Joe


Hello Joe, what a spectacular activation and the effort you went through to achieve. Great video, a joy to watch. Thanks for your report.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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Hello Joe,

thank you very much for the video and the pictures. Always interesting activations from you.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Hi Joe, gratuliere dir zu dieser beeindruckenden Aktivierung !
Schöne Bilder hast du trotz des weniger guten Wetters zusätzlich machen können.
Von einem Kameramann habe ich nichts bemerkt.
Diese Tour würde ich mir alleine nicht mehr zutrauen.
vy 73 de Karl, OE5JKL

Thank you all for your kind feedback.

Danke für das großartige Feedback. War diesmal solo unterwegs.
Von den üblichen Tourbegleitern: Kamerafrau Anna ist auf Urlaub und Alexandre hat verschlafen :sleeping_bed:

Daniel @OE5HDX hat schon Interesse an der Tour bekundet. Eine gesunde Selbsteinschätzung ist das wichtigste. Die kleine Actioncam macht mit der Fisch-Augen Optik gerade solche Abgründe und Tiefblicke noch spektakulärer.

73 Joe

Diese Tour würde ich mir alleine nicht mehr zutrauen.

@OE5JKL Wir können uns diesen schönen Gipfel gern gemeinsam anschauen!


Hello joe,
always very interesting films of yours.
Thank you for the beautiful pictures and all the best until next time,


Hi Joe

Thanks for your great report on this funny summit. Was impressed by the dramatic touch shown in the summit sequences of your video.

Enjoy your next adventures, the offering of your beautiful home state from flat Linz over Pyhrn and towards Styria is simply great – and Joe right in the middle! :sunglasses:

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Great video! Thank you Joe for the sharing. Climbing the steep slopes looked quite impressive …

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Hi Joe,
I enjoyed OE mountain by your video again,thanks.
Your look to the nature makes your video so nice…as always. :snail:
73 Atsu

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Thank you Atsu. Filming the snail was just a fun idea but turn out great.
I see your leg injury is looking better. All the best.
73 Joe

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