VIDEO: OE5JFE First activation of Klosterkogel OE/ST-398

Hello everyone,

A bit of strange activation as plans needed to be changed quite a bit.
Originally I wanted to camp on the ridge between Klosterkogel OE/ST-398 and Dürrenschöberl OE/ST-178. Legally it would we okay in OE/ST to do so above the treeline.
On the way up to the summit I met the local forester/hunter and he gave me a bit of a talk on the silence areas for the animals in wintertime.
He was fine that I walk up to the summit but I gave up my plans to do the camp.

In addition I needed to change to another route as the path was blocked by a harvester-treecuting in operation.

But with quite a delay I managed to reach the summit. On 2m FM the potential S2S contacts in OE5 were already on the way home. So no contacts on 2m FM at all. And on 20m SSB it took 10 min for the first QSO. That made me even more thankful for the chasers coming back to my call.

Because I had all the camping gear I took the time to prepare some Ramen noodles.




73 Joe


Hi Joe!
Thank you for taking us with you on this adventure :slight_smile:. The conditions were definitely very hard that day. The educational aspect of the video is also great: respect nature, wildlife and the forest ranger :wink:. Learn the languages! The overlays how to say thank you in finnish, norwegian and ham speak are a great idea :sweat_smile::man_student:. And: bring ramen everywhere.
Tnx, 73!

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Dear Joe,
Again a very good and inspiring video, THANKS for sharing, I really enjoyed watching it. With the increasing size and weight of your backpack you may want to cosider borrowing Peanut or Rooster from WG0AT for your next tour. :wink:
Looking forward to future episodes, well done!
73, Peter DO4TE

Hi Joe

Great report and video – it needs much dedication and a sense for simple things in life to do camping in the winter period. Thanks for sharing the peace of this countryside, this little piece of happiness . . .
and your noodles!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

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Thanks Daniel :+1:
I think in my case it’s more pretending than knowing but as long as it works :laughing:

As Jakub @OM1WS commented on Youtube they are not very healthy. But from time to time one can take the risk of a heavy dose of MSG.

Peter that’s an interesting plan. And thanks for the great feedback. Next activation adventure is already planned.

Markus we have been exchanging thought about positive perspectives and motivation in the past. I like how you see it as simple things in life. Others would see winter camping as pure madness :crazy_face:
But finally no camping happened. So carring the extra weight for cooking some noodles… totally worth it. hi

73 Joe



Thanks for posting this video.

Lovely photography, and stunning scenery.


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Joe, hello! Once again, I enjoyed watching your video. Unfortunately, I do not have enough strength to finish my own films, but I hope that with the onset of spring there will be an incentive.

Hello Marat,

I know exactly what you mean. Because of that I try to do the video editing quite soon after the activation while the feeling and mood is still fresh from the activation.

Looking forward to see your adventures. I have subscribed to your channel so I will not miss them.
I guess you did some winter camping this season?

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Hi Joe,
thanks for sharing your adventure, nice place and amazing pics,

  1. Manu. :wink:
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Brilliant as always Joe. You’re one tough cookie !! Don’t you ever feel cold ? The views were absolutely stunning, makes me so envious. Anyways Thanks mate and best 73

Thanks Allen,

That day was exeptionally mild with southern winds from Africa as far as I know. That’s why I planned to camp in mild conditions. And I sweat a bit hiking up so I reduce layers. Corona added some extra belly weight due to less fitness options.
The only part when it gets cold is after the sun is gone.
Best 73

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Joe, I’m looking forward to do an activation with you. You have ramen, I’ll provide the other ingredients.

73 Martin


With that chilli I will probable sweat like cracy. Did you grow it in the garden.
The knive is probable a bit too much for a hike. :blush:

I am big fan of cooking ramen soup at home. But from chicken, beef bones and vegetables. But that takes quite some time to prepare.

73 Joe


well I supposed to do the complete preparation at the summit.
A culinary activation. A rig in the kitchen is nice, a kitchen on the summit should be even more enjoyable. A hand-forged Japanese knife - what else? Don’t scare me!

The chilis grow in my garden, indoors in winter. They’re not that hot (6 out of 10) - sweet and tasty. I got them from here: OE1DO - Callsign Lookup by QRZ Ham Radio

cu 73 Martin

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Great Video Joe, looks like no European trip for me this year, hopefully 2022 life will return to normality. look forward to catching up again at Friedrichshafen 2022.


John VK6NU

Thanks John. Let’s hope the best. And of course I am looking forward to the next Ham Radio Friedrichshafen to meet again all the SOTA friends in person.
Finger crossed :crossed_fingers:

73 Joe

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Hello Joe,

thanks for sharing the nice video, well done. Congrats for you nice winter activatioen. Hope we can come to Steiermark area in summertime, if corona pandemic alows.

Best 73

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Hello Joe.
This winter was very cold and snowy. My constant friend in activations Volodya RX9WT is still experiencing health problems after the covid disease. Therefore, there were no winter activations with my participation this year. I hope with the improvement of the weather in March to make a one-day activation of one of the available peaks.