Video new reference EC2AG/P EA2/SS-059



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Have noticed now and again with Spanish Sota’s is way conditions change via the ionosphere. When you first fired up signal was low and weak to me barely readable. after about 20 minutes and the callers quieten down time to start calling next thing I know your coming over at 5/9 + signal J just rose out of the depths of the noise.

Thanks for another summit worked :smiley:
And believe your Joint most worked operator with me at 21 Qsos along with GW4VPXP.

thanks again for the video :smile:


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Hello Antonio,

Thank you for the S2S, Antonio. Unfortunately my antenna came down to the ground, but we still made it. Nice to hear the own signal in the video.

Peter, OE5AUL

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Dear Antonio, congratulations for the new reference, a pity not being able to work you due to son’s sports, you know…
Very nice video as always (love the new caribbean rhythms!) :wink:
73 de Mikel

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Thanks Mikel, and know my play sports on Sunday congratulations for these 2 new activated summits and by that great mountaineer OIER…

greetings EC2AG

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