VIDEO: Highband DX from EA8/TF-002 Guajara

Hello everyone,

Please join me on video #2 (out of 3 ) from my vacation to Tenerife EA8/TF. This time I will take you along to the second highest SOTA there called Guajara EA8/TF-002.

Activated multiple times in the past as this is a well marked and from my point of view easy summit. I read some reports from previous activations and have again to realize that hiking difficulty is a very subjective.

It took me 1 h 32 min to the summit approching from the west and looped over and down on the eastern side. Track can be found on SMP and
The actual struggle was the parking situation. Around noon so many people are stopping there at Parador hotel to take pictures of El Teide.

But you can see all that in my video report:

And of course some pictures:
View to summit. Lot’s of visitors at carpark

Robust vegetation at Parc National del Teide

And views

View down and over to El Teide

Summit cairn

10m J-Antenna for gd DX

Nice protected spot for activation

Rain and clouds near coast but sun up at high plateau

Btw. Europe is DX from EA8 because it is on the african continent:

73 Joe


Good show, Joe.
Glad that you were well-supported by the OE’s, back home.
No encounters with local reptiles (snakes, etc.)?

Thanks Sevim,

There are no dangerous reptiles on Tenerife so no issues in that regard.
Better to be chased like that - hi.