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Video film about the first activations of Maly Iremel and Poperechnaya summits

I am happy to present you a video film of one of our active team members- R9U/SO Eldar R9WY about the first activations of Maly Iremel and Poperechnaya summits in the end of August 2017. As far as i know, it’s the first time Eldar tried to create this format of film. Hope you’ll like it!


Very good Marat !

Well done crossing those rivers and rocks in the 4x4.

How far did you have to carry the dog? It looked tired.

I really enjoyed Eldar’s video, well done !

That 4x4 was essential. It was interesting to see the quality of the road surface change from the beginning of the video to where you parked up.

Hopefully Eldar or others will make further videos of the R9U region.

73 Andrew G4AFI

Thanks for posting the video—looks like you had a fun time!



Great vid. Nice views, nice rocky mountains, muddy tracks, interesting music and a very tolerant dog! Thank you for a look at what your country is like.
73 & Happy Christmas,

Hello, friends!
The dog had to carry about 6 kilometers over huge stones. :wink:
and we had to little going up abt 100-200m and going down from abt 1300 m. to 700 m.

I hope that in the near future I will write a detailed report on the trip

Wow, well done Marat! The scenery is very beautiful in that area. Nice work!
De Mike NS1TA